2016 GetResponse Review- Email Marketing platforms compared.

By   April 1, 2016

GetResponse Review.

Getresponse is an E-Mail marketing platform that enables you to create an email marketing list of prospects, partners, and customers to develop an ongoing relationship with them and build a forward-oriented marketing campaign. Read my GetResponse review.

GetResponse Review- facts about what you can get.

Let’s take a look at what makes Getresponse one of the most popular tools for designing and sending HTML newsletters. I am going to review some of its most important features with a brief comparison to other platforms on the market.

GetResponse plans.

Getresponse provides a wide range of pricing plansGetResponse Pricing for different levels of email marketing and they look a bit complicated. I’m going to explain the differences in plans later. There are three general types of plans- Email, Pro, and Max. On top of them,  there is an Enterprise plan for really serious marketing strategists. Here what these plans look like:


  • 1-1000 contacts           $15/mo (Email)
  • 1001-2500                   $25/mo (Email)
  • 2501-5000                   $45/mo (Email), $49/mo (Pro)
  • 5000-10000                 $65/mo (Email), $75/mo (Pro), $165/mo (Max)
  • 10000-25000               $145/mo (Email), $165/mo (Pro), $255/mo (Max)
  • 25000-50000               $250/mo (Email), $280/mo (Pro), $370/mo (Max)
  • 50000-100000             $450/mo (Email), $490/mo (Pro), $580/mo (Max)


An Enterprise plan covers everything above 100001 contacts and comes at the price of $799/ mo

(I can’t stop wondering- why someone with more than 50000 contacts in their mail list would choose an Email plan with only $40 in savings over Pro plan?:))

GetResponse plan features.

Basic features included in all plans are:GR landing Page

  • Autoresponder;
  • Allows you to import mail list;
  • Mail list hosting;
  • Outstanding responsive email design;
  • Landing page creator;
  • Plenty of e-mail templates;
  • RSS functionality;
  • E-mail forms split testing;
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting;
  • Social sharing.

In addition to these features Pro, Max, and Enterprise plans allow you to create landing pages that are split test-capable and a webinar feature that allows you to host 100 attendees in Pro plan,  500 in Max and 1000 in Enterprise. Multi-user functionality is available.

Compared to Pro, the Max plan also includes a salesforce integration, account manager, and custom domain.

Prices comparison.

Compared to Getresponse Aweber offers 5 plans;


  • 1 to 500 contacts: $19/mo;
  • 501 to 2,500 contacts: $29 /mo;
  • 2501 to 5,000 s contacts: $49/mo;
  • 5001 to 10,000 contacts: $69/mo;
  • 10001 to 25,000 contacts: $149/mo;

Subscribers with more than 25000 contacts must inquire with Aweber for a quote.


Mailchimp has 3 basic plans with price ranges within- “Starting up” is free with up to 2000 contacts and with NO Autoresponder available, “Growing business” and “Pro Marketer”

  • Up to 1000 contacts                 $15/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 2500                              $30/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 5000                              $50/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 10000                            $75/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 25000                            $150/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 50000                            $240/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 100000                          $475/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);


As you can see the pricing is pretty much in similar ranges, but Mailchimp offers a narrower pricing range within major ranges. allowing you to target your mail list needs more precisely.

Main features.

Getresponse provides you with an excellent feature set that puts it in the top mail responders list, not for nothing.

There is a rather cool video explaining how Getresponse works.


The autoresponder is the feature that automatically sends emails to your contacts at Getresponse email marketing reviewa predetermined schedule. Usually, it is set up to send a welcome message immediately after someone has subscribed to your email list and a day or two later (or how you decide it) they will receive a product or any service offer you have to present to them. The number of emails and send frequency, as well as the content itself, is up to your determination.

GetResponse enables you to supply time-based and action-based messages that will depend on recipient’s action like the number of opens and clicks, completed transactions. forms or changes in user preferences.

Getresponse’s autoresponder is excellent and remains unbeatable.

Email creation.

There are over 700 email templates available and that’s way more than other competitors offer.

Getresponse email template designs are not as great as Aweber’s and Mailchimp’s and look somewhat outdated, but they are highly customizable and allow you to change fonts, colors, and images at your discretion. With a wealth of choices you always can find a proper template fitting your need and customize it to match your requirements with a little or no hustle.

The obvious advantage Getresponse templates have over competitor’s is the responsiveness- although all competitors already provide responsive designs (the ability to automatically adjust template for mobile devices) Getresponse’s designs are still outperforming others.

Landing page creator.Getresponse landing page creator

It is a great feature many of competitors are not providing. Landing pages are created to generate leads by presenting visitors with an attractive “Squeeze page” that provide clear information and display “Call to Action” prompting people to take an action you want them to, capturing their contact information that is getting added to your contact list.

Getresponse provides Landing Page Creator for all subscribers although the Email plan gives you a limited functionality of this tool- only 1000 shows per month and no split testing available (however you can see a preview of different versions with approximate conversion rate calculations).

Split testing.

Getresponse’s split testing feature puts them ahead of all their competitors. They allow you to split test 5 different messages compared to 4 Aweber’s, 3 of Mailchimp’s and 2 of Campaign Monitor’s. For a serious email campaign, this difference can be a significant benefit.

Analytics and reporting.Getresponce email marketing review

One email marketing feature that should not be overlooked is your campaign analytics.

Getresponse provides analytics for all important metrics, such as:

  • Total;
  • Open rate;
  • Click through;
  • Bounce;
  • Unsubscribe;
  • Complaints;
  • One click segmentation;
  • Metrics over time;
  • Email ROI.

Mailchimp and Aweber are getting pretty close with their features offered, but they’re not as full as Getresponse’s.

Ease of use.

It is rather easy to perform all of the major functions Getresponse is providing. You can set up the autoresponder, import and export contacts, create emails and landing pages and monitor your statistics without being a professional email marketer. And in case you are getting stuck their product category’s tutorials are very good.

Getresponse interface design is a kind of conservative style, but it is very intuitive and easy to navigate within.


Getresponse’s support deserves the highest score for its comprehensiveness. The phone support is available 9 to 5 EST and email support and Live Chat is available 24/7. All subscribers have a support representative assigned to them who provide calls on a regular basis asking if you have any difficulties using their service.

Getresponse review conclusion.

The service Getresponse is providing its customers with is matching its highest ranking in the list of email marketing solution providers. It holds highest ranks in terms of features available, the functionality provided and cost effectiveness.


Getresponse PROS:

  • Autoresponder allows you to send highly responsive emails to all your contacts contained in hosted and maintained database;
  • The Landing Page Creator provides you with customizable Squeeze pages;
  • Analytics and reporting tools are very comprehensive;
  • Great support provided;
  • Pricing is very competitive and even Email plan provides you with the similar features that may cost more with  Getresponse’ competitors;
  • Easy to use and full of useful features.

Getresponse CONS;

  • Email and landing pages designs are not-so-modern;
  • Email design tool is not always meeting expected performance;


One of the best thing about Getresponse is that you can try it absolutely FREE for 30 days with this offer WITHOUT providing your credit card- and if after 30 days you will feel that it’s not meeting your expectations you won’t have to bother calling them to unsubscribe.

16 Comments on “2016 GetResponse Review- Email Marketing platforms compared.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Sam! You can easily scale any type of email campaign with GetResponce from the very beginning. The great thing about using GR is that you are getting the highest level of support during your 30 days trial and that enables you to create a fully-functioning campaign BEFORE you have to pay anything. Also, whenever you feel the need to upgrade to the higher plan level you can do it seamlessly without losing any of your settings and preferences.Good luck with your trial! Kirill.

  1. Stuart

    Hi Kirill, Very thorough review plus you did the research for me. When I start an email campaign and need an E-mail Marketing Platform I will definitely refer back to this post and your excellent review. Thanks!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Stuart! You’re giving me a sense of fulfilment :). Seriously, I’m happy every time people find the practical use of my work.I wish you all the success in your online business. Kirill.

  2. Alanna

    Hi! I have never heard of GetResponse. I’m using MailChimp right now and it seems to do the trick. If I exceed 2000 email addresses, perhaps I’ll check out GetResponse. Great information on the different email marketing companies. I’m especially curious about the split testing. I’ll have to check that out more. Thanks for the great information! Alanna

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Alanna! Mailchimp is a great platform and I have been testing it before. However, I’ve decided not to switch to it because I had my GetResponse campaign running flawlessly and the choice of available tools is better in GR. You should definitely try split testing because it helps you to maximize your campaign results. Thank you for giving it your attention. Kirill.

  3. Debra

    Your post has good timing as far as I’m concerned. Last several weeks I’ve been trying to four and a way to incorporate an email marketing plan with my website. Your 2016 get response review email marketing platform has some great information.

    Of course being new to this aspect of marketing I don’t just jump into the plan that will be too much for me or not enough and I’d rather fun one that is free at this point and so I figure out exactly what amenities I do want it paid for platform. Your post has given me a great view of what this plan has to offer.

    I really like the fact too that trying it out does not require credit card. Thanks a bunch! Have an awesome day.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Debra! The Email marketing will give a great boost to your online business. If you’re looking for a free option you can try MailChimp with their getting Started plan. The major disadvantage of this plan, to my opinion, is the lack of Autoresponder tool that saves you tons of manual work. On the other hand, GR 30 Day FREE trial I’m mentioning at the end of the article may allow you to get acquainted with GR Email plan and you can switch to MC and export your contacts if you decide so. Thank you for sharing it with me. Kirill.

  4. Chris

    I currently use MailChimp but obviously only as a free member, so no access to autoresponder yet. I do love the fact that you do get 30 days for free with GetResponse. Does that include access to their autoresponder as well with that 30 days free trial? Hopefully, if it did, in the near future then I would consider making the switch. I’m newer to building my online business and don’t have many subscribers yet.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Chris. Yes, GR does include the autoresponder feature in ALL plans AND with the 30-day trial. It’s one of the best features and you can get it right out of the box. You can give it a try and, if you like it, you can import all your contacts from MC if you decide to switch. Kirill.

  5. Suzanne

    Hi Kirill,

    I have been using Mailchimp but not really working on my list but as I have a new site (project) I am working on and will definitely be needing a mail autoresponder, I will take a look at GetResponse.

    thank you

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Suzanne! You can check Getresponse out even without quitting your Mailchimp subscription by utilizing 30 days free trial from the link at the end of this article. Much success to your online business. Kirill.

  6. DP

    Great post!
    Ultimate review of getresponse. soon going to try it . looking forward for such lovely reviews

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, DP! I hope, you won’t regret. And if you will, you have an entire month to make up your mind! If you have any questions, I will do my best to address them.
      Thank you for sharing.

  7. Deepweb links

    Thanks for sharing this awesome comparison between Get Response and Instapage. Get response is my favourite one for its lot of features, awesome ready-made landing page and custom design.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Deepweb! Thanks for checking out my review. I hope, it’s helped you in choosing the email marketing service for your online business.

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