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My name is Kirill and I am an Online Entrepreneur. I’ve chosen Digital Marketing as my business and I’ve chosen Wealthy Affiliate as my way to approach it- after many unsuccessful attemp.st

I’ve created this site to help people who are engaged in Internet Marketing but are not satisfied with an outcome it brings to them or those who are just starting their online journey. Or those, who are just looking for an extra income or, like I did, to completely change their job for a more convenient way to make their income. That’s why I’ve called my site Your Smart Income Source.

Here’s my story on how I’ve become an Online Entrepreneur.

I love skiing, I love boating, diving, traveling. I wish all that was taking a bigger part in my life. But my hobbies were crunching under the press of my lifestyle.

I’ve changed a few professions in my life- I’ve graduated as an engineer but didn’t have a chance to dedicate a long time to this field. Then, at some point in my life, I’ve become a computer Systems Administrator and worked at some of the biggest companies. I loved this job and was pretty good at it (no bragging). I loved the challenges this work presented me with and felt an adrenaline rush when I was able to resolve complex issues.

But this job had its own negative sides- I was bound to 9-to-5 (well, sometimes 8-to-4) office hours, I had bosses ( sometimes good, sometimes bad) and- MEETINGS!  Every job I’ve worked at had senseless meetings twice a week. But that were the rules of the game and I had no other choice but to follow it. Needless to say that over the time I’ve begun to feel that I’m getting fed up with Corporate America. When DotCom era began to approach its dawn and layoffs rocked the IT industry I found myself facing the choice to stay or to go. I recalled my skills I’ve got earlier in my life and opened my construction business.

Owning the business has taken care of bosses and meeting issues and put me in charge of my future. But it also had it’s own downsides- being in charge of everything left very little time for my family and myself. Sometimes my family had to spend our vacations without me because I could not leave work unattended. Also, dealing with customers and employees gave very little fun to me.

At some point, I took a look at my lifestyle again and realized that I have to make changes again. Doing what I love in my life- spending more quality time with my family, skiing not just on the weekends and swiming in the places I like doesn’t depend just on the amount of money I can spend on it- it mostly depends on my lifestyle. I’ve decided to change it and started my Online Entrepreneur career.

Thanks to the advantages our Internet Era presents us with the Digital Marketing allows you to work from anywhere you can have an Internet connection and best of all- being paid even at the time you don’t work. Different people achieve different results money-wise but the prize everyone gets- they all kiss their 9-to-5 lifestyle good-by.

I’ve spent a lot of time on different online programs only to realize that all the promises they’re giving to you are mostly the over-inflated bubbles. Times when Internet Marketing was relatively easy, are long gone. To achieve the success online nowadays will take targeted efforts and expert training. But given this two elements, it’s no harder than any job anyone of you is doing today. After a long wandering in the lands of Online Business, I have found a Wealthy Affiliate and I’m sticking with it ever since.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to join the community o the like-minded people and get the expert training, careful guidance and friendly advice every time I need it. It is the place for an Online Entrepreneurs of all levels- from the total newbies to experienced marketers. If you want to learn how you can start building your tomorrow’s lifestyle absolutely FREE- please read my other page- Your Best Passive Income Source.

Thank you for reading this article. I wish you to find your way to the future that will serve your lifestyle the way you want it to be. If you want to ask me a question, please, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at kirill@yoursmartincomesource.com .

Sincerely, Kirill.

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