ATryBox Review- Do You Want To Make Money Online From Home?

By   April 22, 2016

ATryBox Review 3

I do a regular checking  for newest trends in making money online from home niche and I’ve come across a company called ATryBox. I am always checking for profitable ways to make a couple of extra dollars in my spare time and this  company’s offer sounded pretty attractive to me. I’ve decided to sign up. Here I’m going to share my personal experience with this company.

ATryBox review- is it a scam or legit way to make money?

Company name: ATryBox

Company website:\

Company location: NYC, USA

Company title: ATryBox User research, Idea Validation & User Testing.

The cost to join;        Free

Rank: ?

Website registration date: 09/04/2015

ATryBox Review

Who is ATryBox for?

ATryBox is for people who like to try new things and would like to make money sharing their opinion and experience with product creators.

When a company creates a new product or a service it wants to make sure that the product or a service is functioning normally in a real life world. If it contains bugs or some aspects have been overlooked it is better to be revealed before this product is going to retail and can cost millions in recalls and product returns. Also, this company wants to know product’s marketing details. That is when they need user testers.

ATryBox is offering to connect companies that create new products and services  and need to conduct a user testing and marketing research with people who would like to provide their service for these purposes.

A company is offering pretty high payout for participation. Below is a snapshot of their fee schedule:

ATryBox Review 2

According to this schedule, you can make up to $35 in half an hour without leaving your home which is pretty sweet.

As you can notice the price for the personal meeting is left open. This means that you can call your own price which includes your time to travel to this meeting.

A phone interview will require you to personally speak with a testing company representative and answer their question about your opinion on the product and what can be improved to make it more usable to you. Price $35.

Online usability test will provide you with a series of tasks like navigating through the website and providing your opinion on how user- friendly it is.

Surveys are supposed to be rather simple with a series of targeted question related to any stage of product development.

Help with choices consists in helping the testing company to choose most suitable fonts, colors, logos etc.

You are said to receive the full amount indicated without any deductions.

Company has a few requirements to participating testers:

  • Must be a US resident;
  • Must be over 18 years old;
  • Must be able to perform a contract work;
  • Must have a US bank account.

Joining ATryBox.

After reviewing the payout schedule and checking tester’s requirements I have decided to take a closer look at the company.

The registration process was very short and did not require to provide any sensitive information about myself.

The completion of tester profile required to provide a usual type of information- name, gender, age etc.

I was supposed to select industry types I would like to test and review products for. The following form was quite long and requested to provide a lot of information, some of which looked rather odd to me- for example, what kind of pets I have. But I have a feeling that I could fake most of my answers.

ATryBox is notifying its participants about jobs they offer via an email and a participant has 48 hours to complete the job. I assume that offers available are sent to multiple participants and the one to accept the offer first will get the job.

Now- the sour part. I have signed up with ATryBox on March, 15, which is more than a month on the time of this post publishing. I had received no communication ever since.


Company overview.

There is very little information available about ATryBox available online. Perhaps it is due to the very young company’s age- it’s barely over 6 months old. I was able to find its WhoIs registration info and registered address that about it.

I was not able to find any information about companies who’ve employed their service and participants who have received payments from them.

ATryBox pros.

  • Job type and payouts offered make this company very attractive;
  • Sign-up and registration are easy;
  • No sensitive information requested;
  • No special skills required;
  • No sign-up fee.

ATryBox cons.

  • Very new company;
  • Lack of sufficient information about it;
  • No partnering/ participating companies information available;
  • Participation is available to US residents only;
  • Company’s website seems to be incomplete, new blog posts are posted rarely;
  • Jobs offer amount is below expectations.

ATryBox review conclusion.

Based on all above said I would not qualify ATryBox as a scam.

For the biggest part, they did not try to get any information they could exploit from you. They don’t ask you for money or your credit card or bank account “for payment purposes”.

The product user testing idea is not a newborn type of online enterprise. If implemented the right way it can be very beneficial for all parties involved.

Is ATryBox a legit way to make money online?- Yes.

As it’s just being said, the user testing was invented before ATryBox was founded. I believe that as a company matures and acquires more partners/ participating companies the job offer will increase to the sufficient level.

There have been some issues reported with Venmo, a PayPal owned online payment app but they seem to be resolved now and they were of a kind that should concern you when YOU’RE paying someone.

My opinion is that company deserves a shot, especially since no money are coming out of your pocket but you have to proceed with a caution and keep an eye open for any suspicious signs.

And if you are looking for an immediate job offer you need to check other online work- from- home opportunities.

I would give this company a rank of 45.

If you have an experience with ATryBox or any other online job opportunity please share it with us in the “Comments” section below.

Thank you.

10 Comments on “ATryBox Review- Do You Want To Make Money Online From Home?

  1. Jaron

    Thanks for doing all the leg work on AtryBox. Being it is so new it’s a bit of a risk checking it out. Never know what is a scam these days. Thanks for the detailed review. This will be very helpful for anyone looking into this service.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Jaron! You’re right- there is nothing bad with new companies, you just need to be cautious and weigh your risks out before engaging with them.
      Thank you for sharing.

  2. yunier

    I wouldn’t say ATryBox is a scam either. I would say that they don’t seem to be a fully capable program. Like you said, they don’t really gain much information of you to try to use to their advantage.

    I just wouldn’t waste my time with them either way. You did a proper review on them.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Yunier! That’s true- it seems they are not really running yet. Anyone counting on immediate job engagement should consider a different company to work with. On the other hand- I’m checking my emails routinely anyway and if I’ll see the offer from them I’ll use the chance.
      Thank you for your feedback. All the best with your online work.

  3. Angela

    This site now says “please note that we currently accept only U.S. residents who can receive payments to their U.S. bank accounts.” Hmmmm….

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Angela, I understand your precaution, this may ring the bell. But, on the other hand, there are some legitimate companies who are avoiding extra charges for international transfers, this might be the case.

  4. Keith Weatherby II

    Seems like this is now almost 2 years old, and I haven’t gotten any tests or anything with attrybox, however I didn’t check the “personal meeting” and “phone call” boxes — so it’s possible they don’t do much of the other (usability testing, surveys etc)

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Keith, thank you for your comment. This is true- there is not much activity from their side. looks like they are not spending a lot of efforts on developing their business. You would expect, that in two years it would be running at much higher speed.

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