Earn Money With The Empower Network.

By   January 25, 2016

Earn Money With the Empower Network -Yes, You Can!


From the thousands of ways to earn money online earning them with the Empower Network is one of the easiest. In fact, there are more than 20 people, who have made $1 million fortunes in the past 3 years with Empower network.

“OK, here the hype begins!” you will say. Not at all. On the contrary, I am going to dilute all hype you have ever heard about making money with the Empower Network. Although I am an Empower Network affiliate, I am not going to give you shiny polished review and will try to show you pros and cons.


What is Empower Network?Earn money with the Empower Network.

First of all, the Empower Network is one of the largest blogger’s communities and one of the most effective online publishing platforms. It provides from-the-ground training products and tutorials for Internet marketing, home, and small business users and virtually to anyone, who needs to learn how to establish and grow their online presence. Empower Network provides them with staged products and associated training packages, which includes Kalatu Viral Blogging System, detailed tutorials, and live coaching.

So to speak, the Empower Network is, from one perspective, a provider of several Internet marketing software products, designed to amplify an online entrepreneur’s capabilities in reaching out their customers. On the other hand, it’s the training platform that provides tutoring and support in its products application.

Before they have joined in this enterprise, David Wood and David Sharpe, the co-founders of EN, went through the rough times- David Wood was homeless for a few years, and David Sharpe had to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. I am not going to get ecstatic about this beginning, but it gives me a great example, that the vision and the will can build anybody’s success. A lot of people, who have jumped on their train, have built theirs. And many more gave up and didn’t.

Make money with Empower Network / IPAS2

Empower Network product.

Empower Network offers 5 Internet Marketing-oriented products- Kalatu Blogging system, also known as the Viral Blogging System, which comes in Basic version that costs $25/ per month, and Premium for $100/ per month, the Inner circle for $100/ per month, the Top Producer Formula for $500 one time fee, the Team Building Formula for $1000 one time fee and the Mass Influence Formula for $3500 one time fee. I will describe these products in more details later, but the first impression you are probably getting- it is kind of expensive, but its price has the other side to look at.

The Empower Network’s business approach is that to make $10000 in commissions per month you can make 6-7 sales of a higher priced product instead of 60-70 lower-cost sales. They encourage their affiliates to market their product as the series of consequent products that can provide customers with the solutions at the different stages of their Internet marketing businesses.


Empower Network Affiliate Program.

The Empower Network is charging you $19.95 for participation in their Affiliate program. That is rather an unusual thing for Internet Marketing business, where most affiliate programs are free. As unusual as it is, it can partially be explained, that they provide you with rather an extensive affiliate program training along with product marketing training and I will talk about it a bit later. Also, they’re paying you the highest commission in the industry- 70% of the product cost, which is a pretty big prize.

In addition, to be able to receive commissions for products sold, you must own this product- in other words, to sell their product you must first buy the rights for it. For example, if you’ve paid for Kalatu and the Inner Circle, but not for other higher-priced products, you will not get commissions, if someone follows your link to their site and signs up for the full package, thus missing out $2800. This money will be passed up to your up-line.

Talking about the up-line- in case you are unfamiliar with this word, it is the Multiple Level Marketing (MLM) term, meaning the person, who you have signed up with the company under. Yes, the Empower Network is an MLM, and I know, that a lot of people have a very negative attitude towards MLM system (although no people in MLM, who have their own network established and working will share the same feeling for it). The positive side of MLM is that ones you have a sufficient number of people signed up for a program you, in your term, will receive a residual income, significant enough to be your main source of living.


Empower Network Training Program.

There are plenty of Affiliate Marketing training programs nowadays, but in most cases, to begin benefiting from them, you need to be quite familiar with affiliate marketing before you start the training. Why is that so, you will wonder? Because the majority of them present you with information, often pretty much detailed and systematically laid out, but they are missing out the fact, that you need a separate guiding on how to apply it in practice. You need clear instructions where each certain peace of this information needs to be inserted in the big puzzle. I personally have spent quite a lot of money on such programs, when I was starting my Online Marketing quest but had a hard time monetizing the knowledge received.

Empower Network’s training program is saturated with hundreds of hours of video tutorials, training modules and live webinars that will actually guide you step-by-step from the earlier stages of creating an online marketing business like building your website through the process of content creation and building the e-mail list and driving traffic to your site. They cover all aspects of Online Marketing like SEO mastering, website optimization, Social Media marketing, e-mail marketing, traffic generation strategies and much more.

There is still a lot of work, which you must get done by yourself. Despite the widespread hype about the ease of money-making with Empower Network, the actual work of building an attractive website and filling it with quality content is still depends on you. With all training and tools available to your disposal there is no one who will do the actual work for you and if you are not able to create a fresh content that is interesting for your audience, there is no reason to expect, that your site will generate income for you. Whoever promises you an assistance and coaching beside on EN training and coaching, you must realize, that this part of affiliate marketing business, which is the most important part, you will have to get done by yourself.


Empower Network Support.

The best part of doing business with Empower Network is the fact that they own the Kalatu blogging platform. Kalatu is WordPress based blogging platform with all necessary optimization already done for each new site you create. There is enough room for any customization you may want to perform for your personal preferences, but your site, that Kalatu provides you with is ready for business right out of the box.

The main reason the Kalatu blogs perform very high compared to other blogs is the authority it has. Thousands of people are posting to Kalatu every day thus driving it’s ranks to the higher level. You don’t have to be the top content creator or SEO guru to outperform your competitors.

With above-described benefits of Empower Network you would probably expect the personal guidance and tutoring available, but unfortunately, this part of support is not reaching your expectations. When you, despite detailed training, are getting stuck with you newly acquired knowledge implementation, you must rely on your up-line’s network for advice, or search for help on the Internet. You may say this is a normal thing for Internet-based work, but you can’t deny it slows you down significantly. (In terms of support the Wealthy Affiliate University is outperforming all other programs.)


Empower Network Scam.

Is the Empower Network scam or not- many people are asking this question. I hope my little review has helped to provide an answer to it. To qualify something as a scam, you need to see what promises made they are not keeping.

In fact, I have not found such promises. There are thousands of people who can blame Empower Network for not meeting their expectations, but everyone creates his own picture in his mind and most of the people should blame themselves for inflated presumptions. There is no reason to expect that things will turn out in your favor with EN if you will not put a lot of time and work into your business.

You have quite fair chances to achieve success with Empower Network if you are realizing the amount of work you will have to get done in the pretty short period of time and are willing to invest into products you will be using to make money on. In technical terms, you must have a basic understanding of Internet structure and how to find answers to your question in search engines but the great majority of technical stuff is handled by EN.


The Empire Network is a very challenging program that many people failing to make the correct assertion of. Many of them are overestimating the ease of it and others would not ever look at the benefits it is providing.

You can try Empower Network FREE for 30 days with their money-back guarantee and find out, if it is your way to create a smart online income, that can change your life.

Earn Money With the Empower Network.

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