Getting Started: How To Make Your Website Ranking High.

By   May 7, 2016

How to make website ranking high 5If you’re planning to build your own website and start your online business you will need to build a solid strategy how to make this website ranking high in search engine results. Maybe, you’ve already done it.

Simple as it may look, starting an online business requires a lot of information to be digested and can be very confusing at the beginning. Even as you learn, the amount of controversial information may become overwhelming.

I’m going to show you, how you can accelerate the process following these simple tips.

First, you need to build your website.

How to make a website- FREE AND EASY.

There are a lot of free website builders available online, but often many of them are requiring you to learn new skills and missing clear and detailed instructions on this process. Sure, to succeed in online marketing you need to learn website building basics, but it is not necessarily to postpone your plans to start making money online just because you don’t have web development skills right away.

Fortunately, thanks to the progress internet technology made in recent years, you don’t need these advanced skills to start building your website and learn in the process of its growing and development.

If you want to learn, how you can start building your free website in a matter of a couple of minutes, read my How to build a website- Free and easy! and watch a short, but detailed tutorial.

How to make website ranking high

Choose a good domain name.

The question you may ask me- what is “a good domain name?”.

The domain name is the name of your website. It is very important to choose it right from the start because you won’t be able to change it even if you want to. It should be:

  • Naturally, relevant to your website’s niche (the topic, your site will be about);
  • Preferably simple and easy to remember;
  • Has a low competition score;
  • Preferably, contain the main keyword.

Wait a minute, you say- what is a low competition score? The fewer websites with the domain name similar to the one you want to choose are registered on the Web, the easier will be for your website to rank high in search engine results.

As important as it is, this task can be difficult one. It may take hours of manual Web research to find the domain name with matching requirements. To make this work easier I would suggest you to use a keyword research tool. There are many keyword tools available, free as well as paid ones, and you can choose the one you would be comfortable to work with.

I myself prefer Jaaxy keyword research tool, which is as easy to use as it is powerful. It is a premium tool but they offer a free trial version, which you can use to run the research for your domain name. There is no credit card information submission required so you won’t risk being billed when your trial is over. You can read my review on using Jaaxy and make your decision.

Fill your site with valuable content.

The main factor Search Engines are ranking websites is highly relevant and high- quality content.How to make website ranking high 2 It is very important to create new content for your website on a regular and frequent basis. It includes pages and posts on a topic your website is about.

New search engines’ algorithms make an emphasis on content rating. The more frequent you create new catching content the more positive attention you will draw from Google and other search engines. It will give the ranking process an initial boost.

The content quality is another crucial factor in achieving higher ranks. New algorithms are becoming smarter and smarter by the day and they can analyze the content as good as the human reader. These algorithms already able to sort away crappy content, leaving it little chance of getting high in search engine results. So, you need to create your content with your reader’s judgment in mind, writing it the way the human reader would appreciate it.

Besides of search engine content quality appreciation, it has another important value. The really interesting, implying content will cause your readers’ attention, drawing more traffic to your website, naturally increasing its ranking score.

Therefore, make sure that the content you’re creating has a value for people, who are going to read it and can answer some of their questions or solve some of their problems. Also, keep in mind, that the recommended minimum post length is 500 words with the tendency to increase. Google and other will simply ignore short posts, and making the time, spent on writing a loss.

There are certain guidelines on content creation and they are outlined in a few simple steps.

The importance of headings.

When search engines scan your content, one of the first things they pay their attention to are headlines- H1, H2, H3 and so on heading styles.

Headings are important elements of the content and they help search engines to define the relevance of this content. So, when you create your content, make sure you break it in logical parts and include headings- names of these parts.

It is important that these headings contain keywords you want your content to be ranked for. It will help search engines when they will crawl your content.

Another important element of on- page SEO are Alt tags that describe images you must include in your content. The image by itself bears no meaning for a search engine, despite its smartness. What it is seeing is the image filename and Alt tag attributing this file. Therefore, make sure that all images you insert in your text have filenames and Alt tags containing same keywords we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Promote your site- to make website ranking high 3

As you start building your site, it has no ranking yet. Another step to give the ranking process an initial boost is to make people read your content by means other than finding it through the web search. There are many ways to promote your website, but one of the best ways (and it is FREE) is to promote it via all possible Social Media platforms.

Engaging with various relevant groups and communities will allow you to present your content to millions of potential readers, who are already interested in the topic you are writing about. Don’t forget internet forums and billboards.

Link your pages to other pages.

One of the important factors search engines are ranking your site is a number of links, both outgoing from and pointing to your site.

Links, pointing to your site from other internet resources called backlinks. They show search engines that your content was interesting for someone and they have mentioned about it and pointed others to it. Acquiring backlinks naturally is a long process and you can start it by promoting your content via Social Media. Whenever someone shares your content, they create a backlink to it.

With the introduction of new search engine algorithms, outbound links are gaining their importance. The link in your post, pointing to a well- ranked website also help to improve your site’ ranking. Keep in mind that linking it to sites with unestablished ranking will not help and can even damage your cause. Therefore, choose carefully what are you referring to.

Another kind of links that matter is internal links. These links are connecting your posts with one another. Whenever you create the content that is related to previously published posts, use the chance to point your readers to it.

Get your site indexed by Search Engines.

When you get your site layout done and new content creation has become a routine, it is the time to index your site with major search engines. It is done by creating the sitemap file and submitting it by corresponding search engine Webmaster tool.

It may sound somewhat complicated, but with a little automation and good instructions, it becomes quite simple.

Watch a short tutorial on how to submit your sitemap to be indexed by Google here.

Google handles about two third of web search requests. However, Bing and Yahoo are serving about 20% of the Web and neglecting them wouldn’t be smart. Because these two services are acting jointly, you should only submit a sitemap to Bing only.

Here is another tutorial how to submit the sitemap to Bing indexing.

As you can see, it is not all too complicated.

After you submit your site to search engine indexing you can submit your new posts to index manually to accelerate this process. From your Google Webmaster Tool account go to Crawl-> Fetch as Google and enter your page’ URL into the box. Click Fetch and Render and Ready to Index upon completion.How to make website ranking high 4

The fetching process in Bing is similar with the only exception that you need to submit the full URL into the address box.

Learn how to make your website ranking high in greater details.

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Share your opinion and your questions with me by leaving them in the Comment section below this post.

Thank you for reading my post and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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