Grammarly Review- How To Improve Your Writing.

By   April 29, 2016

Grammarly Review 4An English grammar is the tough one. Especially for many online publishers, for whom English is not the first language.

You will say that in the world where spell checkers are available in many forms it’s not an issue, right? That may not be an entirely true. There are many times when you’d wish these spell checkers do a better job.

I would like to offer you a review of the most universal and capable spell checker that I’ve been using for a few months and like a lot.

Grammarly review- How to improve your writing.

Company name: Grammarly;

Company website:;

Company location: San Francisco, USA;

Company title: Grammarly Is The World’s Most Accurate Grammar Checker;

Company founders: Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko;

Company founded: 2009;

Cost to join: Free and Premium (starts at $11.66/ months with yearly sign up);

Overall rating: 98.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform developed by Grammarly, Inc., and launched in 2009. Grammarly’s proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources check for a writer’s adherence to more than 250 grammar rules. Wikipedia

Grammarly is by far is the easiest spell checking tool I’ve ever worked offers you a real-time spell checking whether you’re working on your MS Office document, writing a comment on your Facebook account or working on your WordPress post.

Company’s title that it is the most accurate grammar checker stands for its claim. It combines spelling accuracy, ease of use, editing and feedback quality and correction speed.


Grammarly is capable of identifying a wide variety of grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It will scan your content for more than 250 advanced grammar rules, identifying the incorrect use of subject- verb agreement, an article use, incorrect punctuation or silly typos.

There is no spell checker that is 100% accurate, but Grammarly’s accuracy scores 95%. In comparison, MS Office’ accuracy score reaches 78%.

It also provides a contextual spelling checker allowing you to identify correctly spelled words used in a wrong context protecting you from embarrassing mistakes, like loose/lose, affect/effect, lie/lay etc.


In addition to grammar spell checking, Grammarly provides a vocabulary enhancement and offers the use of synonyms to improve your writing experience. These features are essential in creating a professional- grade documents and memos.

Grammarly also offers a plagiarism- checker tool which allows you to check for a presence of duplicated content. It’s browser- plugin version is not 100% good at it, but the online- version tool finds most of the content that is present on the Web.

The reporting that Grammarly provides you with, allows you to track your mistakes and the trend you’re following. You will get a summary of your mistakes, your writing activities, your vocabulary richness and save your report in a PDF file.

Ease of use.

Grammarly offers you 4 ways to use its service. It is available in a browser plugin form for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, in a Web- based application and an MS Office add- in.

The browser’ plugin is available for free download provides you with an automatic spelling scan during all your online activities, checking for mistakes your email, Social Media posting and online search.

A Web- based app opens a large editor window, where you can upload an existing document for correction or just type in your text as you compose it. The Download button allows you to download your completed text to the source document.

A Grammarly Native App for Windows and OS X works pretty much the same way as a Web-based version with the main difference that it is installed on your computer rather than on company’s server.

An MS Office add-in is available in Premium version only. It is fully integrated with MS Word and Outlook and allows you to use your favorite apps with an enhanced spell checker, improving your accuracy to 95% level.

How to use Grammarly.

Browser extension.

One of the most convenient features of Grammarly is that you can install the spell checker tool right into the browser on any computer you are using- your desktop, your laptop and even to any mobile device.

Grammarly review 1

In this example, I’ve pasted a Demo document into my WordPress Editor and immediately Grammarly shows me mistakes. When I click on the errors symbol it opens “Edit in Grammarly” button and the pop- up window will open, providing me with highlighted mistakes and correction suggestions.

Grammarly review 2

I can use suggestions to correct mistakes or chose to ignore them by clicking little x on the right. By hitting Esc I will upload corrected text back into the WordPress Editor and continue my work.

Similarly, it will work when you compose your email in your Gmail account or write a comment on your Facebook page. It will make you feel much more comfortable when you realize that even the mistakes, usually omitted by other spell checkers will be found by Grammarly and you won’t have to feel embarrassed for mistyped or misspelled words.

Web- based App.

Whenever you have a document you need to be checked for spelling errors the Web- Based Grammarly app comes to your rescue.

Creating a free Grammarly account will enable you to upload your documents from your Dashboard by hitting an “Upload” button and submit your document for a scan.

MS- Office Add-In.

This is a very nice feature, although available in Premium version. With this feature, you can integrate Grammarly with MS Word and MS Outlook to enhance the spelling accuracy of your everyday word processor and email app.

The integration process is very easy and takes only a minute.

  • Download an installation file and execute it on your computer;
  • Choose which app you want to add Grammarly to or select both of them;
  • Activate add-ins by login into your Grammarly account;
  • Enable Grammarly in your MS Office apps by clicking on the new Grammarly button in Office toolbar. Your Grammarly add-in is ready to work!

Help and Support.

Grammarly Help and Support are not really advanced, although it had never given me an issue to contact the help desk. They offer an FAQ Knowledgebase and rather comprehensive User’s Manuals where you can find answers to all your possible questions.

There is also a Help Center where you can submit your questions and they will be addressed during regular business hours. No live chat is available.

Grammarly review recap.

Grammarly offers you a great online grammar checker that works thoroughly and accurately. It features an ease of use and provides you a great feedback. Although it’s accuracy is very high and Grammarly recognizes a wide variety of common errors, don’t expect it to find EVERY possible mistake- mishaps occasionally happen (TIP- if you let Grammarly scan your document twice or more- it finds errors it’s missed from the first time). For those, who are willing to further educate themselves, the extensive Grammarly Handbook is available.

In my opinion, it’s a great tool and everyone will benefit from using it. And if you’re hesitant to pay money for something, that is not 100% perfect- the free version is for your help. You can’t go wrong with this tool.

Thank you for reading and I will be glad to hear your opinion of this post and you Grammarly experience. Please, leave your comment in the “Comments” section below.

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