How To Build A Profitable Niche Website Free- Step By Step Guide.

By   June 14, 2016

How to build a profitable niche site modHave you ever been dreaming of joining the cohort of “chosen” people making their living on the Internet and living lives of free online marketers and earning thousands in passive income each month? If yes then you must have been wondering- how can you build a profitable niche site? And if you don’t have a lot of positive experience in this field yet, you might want to try to build one free.

The conception of the niche site is one the easiest ways to make money on the Internet- if it is implemented the right way from the start. A lot of people are failing when they trying to use outdated “Black Hat” or “Grey Hat” techniques which are strictly banned by all major search engines these days.

They have heard about people who make fortunes by using these techniques sometimes without even building a website, but they’re missing the fact that these people have been polishing their skills for years and have a lot of resources at their disposal, including spam, money and extensive SEO skills.

In fact, the process of building the niche site and taking it to the profitable level is very straightforward and we’re going to walk this process step by step.

Why would you choose a niche website?

To answer this question we must find the definition of the niche market first:

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment. For example, sports channels like STAR Sports, ESPN, STAR Cricket, and Fox Sports target a niche of sports enthusiasts.”- Wikipedia.

So, the niche marketing is focusing on the group of people with common interest and specific goals. A niche can be anything uniting people that are very different otherwise. It can be translated into the love for classical literature, deep water fishing equipment or breeding rare types of aquarium fish.

By focusing on the specific niche the marketer can target potential customers who are highly interested in products related to this specific niche.

Do you see advantages it gives you in terms of making money on the Internet by targeting these specific groups? I thought so…

Your “Yea” to building a niche site can be:

  • Low (or none at all) initial investment required. Although there are various services are available online you can always select cheapest ones for your first attempt and you can even select free services for training purposes;
  • Ease of setup. You don’t need a complex website design for a niche site. With an introduction of services like WordPress, you can consider acquiring web design skills as a not an immediate option. There is still a lot of work that you will have to get done, but it is not a rocket science;
  • It provides relatively fast results. Due to the not- complicated nature, a niche site is providing quicker results, compared to other types of websites in terms of generating the traffic and income;
  • Products that you advertise are already sought by potential buyers. You don’t need to create the product or to launch it on the market, that’s already been done for you by a manufacturer. You just find the product with the high demand for it;
  • If done right, it can become the source of the passive income. After you have done all initial work done right and grown your niche site to the state when it brings you a stable income you can leave it working with the minimal maintenance and spend the money it earns for you on expanding your niche sites network or any other way you like.
  • You can grow the number of your sites very high. As you gaining more and more of experience you can add one niche site after another to your network as long as you can get viable niche ideas and have time to maintain them in working condition. Many experienced marketers have 20- 30 and more sites building their wealth.

Your “Nay” to building a niche site could be:

  • It will not start making your money immediately. Although it’s been said to produce relatively fast results, the key word here is “relatively”. It will require dedicated work in order to become a money-making machine. Not only you will need to set it up properly and create a quality content to feel it up, it will also take time for search engines to recognize it and start to display it in search results. But don’t despair, we’re going to cover the acceleration process in this article;
  • You can’t expect to get rich from just one niche site. You need to understand- you’re promoting a limited variety of products to a limited number of people (besides, you’re not the only one out there doing it). Well- done niche sites usually generate from $500 to $1500 per month.  At some point, you will hit your site’s limit. That’s great! It’s time for you to enjoy your residual income and start building a new site (see above).

Now, let’s see what are practical step in building your niche site.

1. Choosing the right niche for your site.How to build a profitable niche site (3)

Like we’ve mentioned above, practically anything can become a niche for your site

Do you collect butterflies? Do you follow every Daytona race? Have you grown your amazing garden? I can continue to eternity…

If you’re not the only person with an interest in the specific field and there are products and services associated with this field then it is a niche.

Here are some guidelines on choosing a niche for your website:

  • What is your greatest passion?

In fact, this is not a mandatory requirement. It just makes it easier for you to create content about the subject that you love and have some level of expertise in. Don’t forget- you will be writing for people and if they won’t find your post or product review interesting and convincing they will quickly switch to a different site. Take a pen and a paper and write down as many niche ideas as you can imagine- 20, 30, 100.

  • Filter your list down to narrow. The criteria you can base on can be:

  • Is there a wide variety of products to promote?
  • Are there high- priced products?
  • Are there affiliate programs with high commissions (20%- 30%)?
  • Are these products currently in demand?
  • Can you create 50-100 articles on this topic?
  • Run keyword research.

This is a crucial step. You need to identify keywords and phrases people are using when they search for an information related to your niche. When you’re choosing the domain name for your site (your site’s name) choosing the right one is very important. If you make a mistake it may kill your site at birth. Pat Flynn, one of the most successful online marketers gives a good example of such mistake.

  • Your keywords must have a high search volume. The more people are looking for the search terms you’re building your site around the greater chances you have to get the sale;
  • Your keywords must have a low competition level. The less competition your keywords have the better chances you have to get your site ranked on the first page of Search Engine results;
  • Your keywords must be highly relevant to your niche.
  • Keyword research tools are important for finding great keywords. There are many good tools on the market, free and premium ones. Check how you can get one premium keyword tool for free unlimited use.

2. Register your domain.

It is highly recommended to register your own domain name. You can purchase a domain for $10- $15 from online registrars like,,, and many others.

Although having your domain name makes your site look more respectful there are people who are able to run a profitable site from free platforms. Learn how you can build two free sites as the foundation for your niche sites network.

3. Choose your website’s platform.

Today many platforms allow you to build a website without an extensive knowledge of web design or HTML programming. You can choose from Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress or many others. Let’s compare these four since they are most popular to see what they to offer.

Wix Weebly Squarespace WordPress
Responsive templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drag and drop Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tools quality 8/10 6/10 9/10 9/10
Support rank 8/10 7/10 8/10 9/10
Export No HTML/CSS Yes Yes
Ads displayed Yes Yes No No
Is it free? Yes Yes 14-day trial Yes

As you can see from this comparison table WordPress is proven to be the most popular platforms with over 60 million sites. With the largest variety of templates available and outstanding tools and support, it is clearly a preferable platform for people who want to concentrate on building a profitable website without spending too much time on developing its backend.

4. Create pages and content.

It is a good practice to create a few pages that are standard for many sites and will help you to build trust with your visitors. Except the Front page, where most blogs display excerpts from all post, you may want to create the About page, explaining your visitors who you are and why have you opened this site, and Contact page with a contact form, allowing your visitors to send you private messages, when they have questions about your content. Here’s how WordPress Page builder looks like initially.

How to build a profitable niche site (2)

Here’s an example content layout to start your niche site rolling:

  • Write review posts for most popular products in your niche (3-5 each). This category of content provides the highest conversion level because you’re catching people at the end of their customer purchase lifecycle;
  • Write list posts for more niche products;
  • Write tutorial posts for products and services from your review category;
  • Rinse and repeat.

5. Submit your site to search engine indexing.

To help search engines to rank your content faster you need to submit your site to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

It may take a while for search engines to index your content and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. So, watch short and detailed tutorials that will get you started.

6. Install All-In-One SEO plugin.

If you’ve already created your WordPress site using the tutorial mentioned above this plugin is already pre- installed in your site installation. If not, you can do it manually by login into your site admin panel and search WordPress for AIO SEO.

There are many advantages of using the All In One SEO plugin:

  • It will save you time on optimizing all your meta tags;
  • It automates the creation of SEO-friendly links;
  • It helps you to add specific meta tags and descriptions to particular posts and pages.

Take a few minutes and go through the process of activating and optimizing your All In One SEO settings.

7. Sign up for affiliate programs related to your niche.

In order to make money with your niche site, you need to enlist with affiliate programs relevant to your niche. One of the easiest ways to do that is to go to Google search and type your niche name” + affiliate program into the search bar. For example, your niche is Deep Sea Fishing:

How to build a profitable niche site Affiliate

You can choose from many established affiliate programs and networks like Clickbank (one of the largest and oldest), Rakuten (formerly, CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), Amazon Associates, and many others.

The main thing to remember is that the affiliate product you chose must be highly relevant to your niche. If your niche is Deep Sea fishing gear then advertising fly fishing gear will not make much money for  you.

Another thing to consider is to choose the higher price and higher payout possible. It is comprehensible- it takes approximately same efforts to sell the product worth $500 and the one worth $50. The same is relevant to the affiliate commission %- try to find ones paying at least 10%- 20%, even 30%.

8. Promote your site by all possible means.

I’m not talking about paying for your advertisements. There are plenty ways to promote your site free.

If you’ve chosen one of your hobbies or passions for your niche chances are that you are already participating in related forums and/ or online groups. They can be an excellent platform to promote your site. Who can be the better- targeted audience than people who are already interested in what you’re about to offer to them? And if you’ve already established your presence there then there will be more trust to what you’re writing about from their side.

The greatest resource no marketer can afford to avoid is the presence on Social Media. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide refer to their favorite Social media platforms when looking for an information on various subjects. Most Social Media platforms offer paid advertising services but I would recommend exploring all free options first because there are tons of them. Learn how you can optimize the use of Social Media outreach.

9. Build an email list.

Not every visitor coming to your site will convert to a buyer, at least not from the first visit. To increase your conversions you need to be able to show your offer to potential buyers repeatedly. So, you need to collect their email addresses to be able to contact them with a new information they may be interested with.

You can only use email addresses that your visitors provided you voluntarily and to provide them an incentive to do it you need to offer them some free value in exchange for their info. It can be in the form of PDF document or email series giving them important updates about your niche products or How To tutorials.

To collect these addresses you can subscribe to Email Marketing services that will do all job for you. Alternatively, you can set up SumoMe plugin for WordPress free. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t provide an autoresponder feature, allowing you to automate the entire process from addresses collection to sending particular emails on schedule.

10. Start offering guest posts.

Make a list of established blogs and publishing platforms and contact them offering to write guest posts for them.

Why would you do that? Isn’t it better to spend your time writing content for your own site?

Because these sites have an extensive audience already and by presenting your content to their attention  you’re increasing chances that they may become interested in visiting your site and seeing content you’ve posted there. Also, by doing so you are improving your site’s Internet presence and building backlinks in the most natural way. Having a notion about your site on a well- established sites will improve your SEO score thus helping search engines to rank it higher in search results.

Does it really work?

Ok, you’ve got 10 steps to building your niche site in a legitimate way that will make you money in a few months.

Is that all? How many months? How much money?– I can hear you asking.

Well, experienced marketers ( not necessarily experts) can make $1000- $1500 per month from one niche site in less than a year (on average). If it’s your first experience it may probably be less or maybe not. But one thing for sure- your next site will definitely be more profitable.

Keep one thing in mind- there is pretty much work behind these 10 steps. The more consistent work you apply will be the faster and higher will be the income you’re going to collect.

The main element in your consistent affiliate income is the ranking to the first page in search results with your high- quality keywords. Remember- organic traffic is free and the most reliable one. So, start with keyword research to make sure you’re not wasting your time on building your content around keywords that will not bring you money.

It will take some time for search engines to recognize you but every post you create is a step up in search results ranking. And if you will not give up after a few weeks ( like lots of people do) your dream of saying goodbye to your boss will become a reality.

Thank you for staying so long on this post. I hope you’ve learned practical information on how to build your profitable niche site and I gave you information how you can start this process free. Drop your questions and notes into the Comments box below. And if you’re interested in learning the process of making money online in greater details- click on the banner below this post to create your FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate University.

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