How To Build A Website- Free And Easy!

By   January 28, 2016

How To Build A Website- Free And Easy!


Do you want to build a nice website without spending hours on it? I can show you, how you can build a website- How to build a website freefree and easy in virtually five minutes.

Building a website became quite an easy process in the past years. You may want to build your own niche website or you can build a website for your customer needs- and repeat doing it daily, because of the simplicity of the process it became. Using well-established services and platforms, you may make professional-looking websites like hot-cakes hustle- free!


5 Things, you need to consider, when building your website.

Let’s say, you have already built your free website. Now it needs a “Hosting”. A hosting is a service that stores your content and framework and provides your content to your site’s visitors. Have you ever noted that you have to wait for the web page to be loaded longer with some sites, than with others? And how sometimes you are receiving “Page Not Found” message instead of the page you have expected to view? That is the difference between quality hosting companies and others.

There are certain qualities, your website must possess:


  • It must be fast and have a low loading time;
  • It must look professionally;
  • It must be easy to navigate;
  • It needs to utilize a Content Management System- CMS;
  • And the last, but not the least- it needs a quality content.


With all that in place, you will have a great working and potentially profitable website.

There are many web platforms available nowadays. You need to consider such aspects of it design tools provided, management of features, that make you site standing out from the big picture, availability of apps and widgets to promote your site, and help and support provided.

I recommend you to choose WordPress for its outstanding rankings in all above mentioned aspects. WordPress provides hundreds of widgets and plug-ins but keeps the experience easy enough to run a professional-looking blog. It is taking about a half of global blogging platforms market for a reason.


Benefits of using WordPress.How to build your website with WordPress

It was not so long ago (just 10- 15 years have passed) since you had to spend a lot of time to learn how to build you website. Back in that time, you needed to learn how to code HTML, Java, and other programming essentials. Using the Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe DreamWeaver was making it a bit easier, but anyway, website creation was not a non-technical task. Fortunately, things have turned to better.

Anybody, regardless of their technical background, can build a website, to establish the online presence for personal purposes or to give a great boost to their business. Of course, techies are still in demand, but the most of the technical difficulties were knocked out by an introduction of Content Management Systems.


The main advantages of WordPress CMS are:

  • Ease of setting up and management ranked highest by most reviews;
  • All necessary work does not require programming skills and technical knowledge;
  • Almost 1500 template available for various website ideas;
  • Over 37000 various plugins and add-ons for better feature management;
  • Solid support.


Although WordPress was created to be used by non-technical people, it provides you with customizable open- source templates, which, if you have some CSS knowledge, you can customize for your needs. If you are not planning to spend time on learning to program, you still have 1400+ great looking templates, which will give your site a vibrating look.

WordPress makes the posting process easy and it can be done in plain text and HTML mode. You can compose your post in simple word processor mode or, for those, who can write HTML codes and want more control over their content, HTML- mode provides this opportunity.

Many website providers are trying to put ads on your pages to compensate the free service they offer to you. With WordPress, you can place any ads on your pages, but it is completely up to you, which ads, banners and affiliate links, if any at all, you want to allow to appear there.

WordPress is doing a great job in promoting your site. It will feed your post to all search engines ensuring that it is getting the proper online exposure. And it will do the same great job providing you with traffic stats, especially compared to other free services. You will be able to track, how the specific post is performing and will show the referring sites and keywords that brought visitors to your page.

These and the other reasons make me use WordPress a platform of my choice, which I’m using to create all my sites.

And now, as I have promised at the beginning, I will show you, how you can build your website, completely FREE and easy, in a matter of minutes.


How to build your WordPress website FREE.

As I have mentioned before, one of the crucial components of great performing website is the reliable hosting service. This site, as my other sites, is hosted by SiteRubix, a WordPress based hosting provider.

Please, watch the video below to learn, how you can enjoy your website building process right now.

How to build a website- free and easy.



It is really THAT simple. I have promised to help you with the process, but to get to the start point, you need to take the certain action. You need:

Start building your site NOW!

It never was easier than that. And if you need my help on implementing everything you have just heard about, you can leave me a comment at the bottom of the page or contact me via my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate.

And if you get curious, what the heck Wealthy Affiliate is, you can learn about it here.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope helped you in your quest for building your free website!


6 Comments on “How To Build A Website- Free And Easy!

  1. Hari S Nair

    This is a very informative post. For years I have thought website building as something that requires special knowledge and skills but now with word press I am doing it without any knowledge of programming languages.
    I always used to wonder about what hosting really easy is, your post explains it in a very simple language I wish I would got such an explanation back then. We are so lucky that today we have something like the siterubix link you have provided which generates a free website within seconds.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, Hari! I’m glad that you’re finding this article useful! I feel an ever developing passion for helping people, who are looking to improve their lifestyle. I strongly believe that online marketing is for everyone.

  2. andrea

    Oh yeah, such a clear simple way to explaining things the way they are. Back to the research days i was getting crazy looking for this kind of information, to do a proper internet marketing quality and values are the foundation, Word press put all the tool and service, siterubix is a great bridge for all beginners and even for testing web pages.

    Thank you

    1. Kirill Post author

      I believe the SiteRubix is “must have” thing for anyone on the net. At the very least- for testing purposes, like you said. I remember times when I used to dread site building process- I have never become HTML expert, things changed for better much faster 🙂

  3. Cerulean

    Thanks for the review- indeed its much easier to set up a site than it appears on first glance.

    I only wish I had this information when I just started, using other sites (that shall not be named) which gave me huge headaches when I actually tried to customize my site design.


    Simplicity is power.

    1. Kirill Post author

      I’m glad you’ve found it informative. I agree with you- the simpler things are- the more popular they become. What I like about this provider in particular- is the amazing and detailed training they provide. You have absolutely nothing left to guess.

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