How To Find A Niche Market For Your Online Store.

By   February 21, 2016

How to find great niche markets in 6 easy steps.How to find a niche market for your online store 1.


Finding a right niche market for your online store is often one of the hardest parts of starting your new online business. How can you find the right product type between millions of hot products on the market and hundreds of products you love?

I will show you how you can find the right niche in 6 easy proven steps- absolutely free.

What is niche affiliate marketing?

A niche market is a subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.”- Wikipedia.

Affiliate marketing is essentially a way to present a customer with a product, usually via an affiliate link, and receiving a commission from seller upon completion of the buying process. In other words, you need to catch your website visitor’s eye and direct him to a product he is looking for. To do that you are writing your articles on the subject, related to your niche market.

6 proven steps to finding a niche market.

1.               Look for products trends over the time.

The market is changing constantly. Some products are getting the raising demand, others losing it. Choosing the product type you love and passionate about like some marketers suggest, will not necessarily provide you with long-term profitable business.

To check how your idea is trending go to Google Trends.

Perhaps, you are passionate about model trains and know everything about them. You think it may become a high-demand product. Enter “Model trains” in the search bar.

How to find a niche market for your online store 2.

Oops! It seems that global interest in model trains has been steadily declining over the past 10 years- that’s a pity! Nothing is wrong with your passion; it just means that people are not looking for them as much as they did before. You are an expert in model trains, but your goal is to make money online, right? Let’s try the different product.

How to find great niche markets


Weight-loss products show the stable demand with a seasonal spike in January, right after Christmas J. If you scroll GT screen down it will show you the regional interest statistics (South Africa for weight loss-???) and related searches.

Perhaps, you want to sell something less conventional- let’s say- “dog beds”!

how to find a great niche markets 2

There’s a stable demand for dog beds also! Especially, before Christmas season.

Those were just examples showing that you can check your product idea’s trend for virtually anything.

2.               Refine your term with Trend Hunter.


To see what is currently present on the market in your niche, go to Trend Hunter. It is a very powerful resource to confirm that there’s a broad products variety in your niche market and to pick an idea for your content.

Let’s use the “Dog Bed” example again.

What is niche affiliate marketing.

The Trend Hunter will show you most popular products in your niche market and it will show you related products. It will even show you product’s demographics and geographical popularity. Obviously, the “Dog Beds” niche market idea can be very profitable.

3.               Check if there are there Affiliate programs for your niche market.


The best way to monetize on your website is to sign up for Affiliate programs, related to your niche, unless, of course, you have your own product to sell.

There are certain advantages in being an affiliate over running the traditional online store, like No-Stock, No-Shipping, No-Payment-Processing- and low or even no investments required.

The easiest way to find an affiliate program for your niche market is to type your niche name plus “affiliate program” in Google search.

What is niche affiliate marketing 2

This is just the top results, you can find a program that will suit your terms. And never forget about Amazon- although their commissions are among the lowest, they are number one online market in the world.

4.               Find high-quality keywords.


Keywords are the search terms people are using to search for products online.

It is statistically proven that 98% of people running an online search will not go beyond the first search result page in search engine. So, if you want your content to have high chances to be seen, you need to get the highest page rank possible.

One of the ways to do it is to use high-quality keywords. Don’t forget- Long Tail Keywords make up 80% to 90% of your potential traffic.

The best way to run keyword research is by using a Keyword Research Tool. I personally use Jaaxy and you can sign up for a free trial absolutely FREE- NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to run the test check.

What is niche affiliate marketing 3

As you can see, Jaaxy shows you multiple variants of keyword combinations.

The Avg column shows the number of online searches in ALL major search engines in the past month.

The Traffic column gives you approximate possible page hits if your page makes it to the top ten results.

The QSR column represents the number of competing websites- your competition for the particular keyword when KOI is the graphical indicator of keyword quality (green- good, red- bad, yellow-…).

Obviously, the lower the competition and the higher search rate- the better chances your keyword has to bring your page to the first page in the search results. Changing keyword combinations, you can find one fitting your content the best.

If you are wondering how Jaaxy can help you to get better results in Search Engine ranks, you can learn How to improve your website’s traffic.

5.               Look for alternative keywords.


To make sure you are not missing out the best keywords you should look at what Google suggests you.

Whenever you are starting to type your search term in the search bar Google immediately proposes your multiple combinations of your keyword in the drop-down box, just like Jaaxy did. Those combinations are the search terms other people were using before you ( the most popular ones, of course).

At the bottom of the search page, you will find “Searches related to…” section.

How to find great niche markets 3

Take a note of it. You may need it at the next step.

6.               Check for SERP competition.


SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page in any search Engine.

As it has already been said, you would like to choose the keyword with the lowest competition. Type your keyword in the search bar.

How to find a niche market for your online store 4

Our “Dog Beds” are competing with 13M+. Let’s see if we can lower it. Let’s try “Designer Dog Beds” from the Related Searches in the previous step.

How to find a niche market for your online store.5


We were able to lower our competition more than 4 times! It makes sense to choose “Designer Dog Beds” keyword over just “Dog Beds”, or, maybe you want to try “Luxury Dog Beds”?

Don’t forget to check the new keyword quality with Jaaxy.


As you can see, these 6 simple steps can help you in confusing process of finding the niche market for your online store. The same steps will also help you if you already have chosen your niche and you are looking for content ideas- you are looking for niches inside your niche to broaden your audience and thus make your website even more profitable.

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  1. Forrest

    Hi Kirill,
    This article has certainly given me many ideas of not only how to find a profitable niche but, also how to add to the current one.
    The Google Trends seems to be an excellent way to see what has been performing over time.
    Many thanks!

    1. Kirill Post author

      That’s true, you’ll benefit a lot from this simple tool from the Big G while planning your new online business. The whole process will also help you to broaden your audience when you’re working on your business expansion.
      Thank you for your opinion.

  2. Chris Towers

    Thanks for this website and excellent information.

    I have been looking to do something online in the way of making an income but always got lots in the web of what is good and bad out there.

    Sometimes i get so many different stories and find myself crawling around trying to put the pieces together. The section here on keywords and their importance has also taught me a lot.

    Thanks again, and will visit you in the future for more information.


    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, Chris,
      You’re right- there is a lot of information on the online business subject. Ideally, what you would like is to find the single point where you can find all information on this subject from the beginning to the point where your business is running as a well-oiled machine. I have found such single point at Wealthy Affiliate.

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