How To Get A Premium Keyword Research Tool Free?- 2016 Jaaxy review.

By   May 15, 2016

How to get premium keyword research tool free 2016 Jaaxy reviewIf you are seriously considering to make money with online marketing, you need to consider choosing the best keyword research tool.

It will allow you to get a step or a few ahead of your competitors, because good, high traffic and low competition keywords are the bases of good Search Engine Optimization.

With the abundance of keyword research tools available on the market, choosing the one that suits your needs is the tough task.

I will show you all Jaaxy’s features that put it at the top of the toolbox and how you can get this premium keyword research tool for unlimited use- absolutely FREE!

Read this 2016 Jaaxy Review.

2016 Jaaxy review.

Company name: Jaaxy;

Company website:

Company founders: Carson Lim, Kyle Loundoun;

Company location: Springfield, VA;

Company title: Jaaxy | The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool;

Cost to Join: Free trial- 30 searches (can be extended), $19/month Pro Plan,

47/month Enterprise Plan;

Why do you need to do keyword research?

There are more than 3 Billion Internet users in the world and this number keeps growing by the day. The Internet gives you an opportunity to present whatever you have to present to all these people in the world. We’re living at the very dawn of the fantastic era generation of marketers could not even dream about.

The marketer’s quest for success is pretty much like treasure seekers’ quest for hidden treasure. For ages, their main tools were “secret” maps and digging tools. They have had to rely on somewhat obscure tales and approximate coordinates and had to shovel tons of dirt before they hit the gold.

Nowadays, treasure hunters have a variety of searching tools from scanners to magnetometers that allow them to find the precise place where to start digging, saving them tons of time and dirt to be moved.

Do you see where I’m pointing to?

The keyword research tool is serving the same purpose for an online marketer as those tools for treasure hunter- it points them to the place where to start their digging process.

Good keywords are pieces of the treasure finding which you will find the rest of the treasure- free organic traffic to your site that will transform into your marketing success.

What makes Jaaxy different.

There are thousands of keyword research tools on the market- both free and paid. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

The most famous free keyword research tool is Google Keyword Planner, the updated version of Google Keyword Tool. Indeed, the world’s largest search engine will provide you with keyword research tool of its own. It is based on Google’s algorithms and designed primarily to provide results optimized for Google’s AdWords, thus limiting its capabilities to provide viable results for other search engines.

It is not very user- friendly and requires a lot of time to figure out how to use it properly. It is also missing detailed results and leaves someone less experienced than pro marketer guessing how to use these results.

Long Tail Pro is an excellent tool that provides you with Keyword competition data, Page rank, the number of inbound links and site’s age. and other data. But it’s data is optimized mostly for Google AdWords and its price starts at $37/ mo.

Moz is the very powerful tool that is fairly easy to use and provides you with a lot of data. But it doesn’t actually help you to generate new keyword ideas and its plans prices make it affordable for serious marketers only- it starts with $99/ month for the standard plan and goes up to $599/ month for Premium.

SEMrush is another example of a great tool for professional users with plans starting at $69.95/ month and rising to $549.95/ month.

Unlike other keyword research tools Jaaxy was designed to collect and to present data in the most user- friendly way. It is featured for the purpose of finding low competition/ high traffic keywords and new niche research and many more useful things. In addition, its plan is very competitive and you can even get it to use free for an unlimited time.

How Jaaxy works.

I’m going to to get into details of the abundance of Jaaxy functions in a minute, but it’s better to see than to hear (or read), right? What the short video from one of Jaaxy creators that will show you in action those features I’m going to talk about below.


It is an awesome presentation and I’ve decided to use it instead of making my own video because I wouldn’t make it better anyway :).

Now, let’s see what all these functions really are.

Jaaxy Premium Keyword research tool

As you can see from this screenshot  Jaaxy’s interface has changed from what you’ve just seen on the video, but all main functions are still there.

At the very top gray bar, you can see four tabs- Search, Site Rank, Training, and Affiliate Program.

Let’s talk about Search first.


  • Keywords – this column shows you results for the specific keyword you have searched for as it is shown in the search box. There are keyword phrases and search terms that are relevant to your keyword and often used in conjunction with it. It allows you quickly find other ideas to be used in your content.
  • Avg- this column shows you the number of ALL major search engines searches for the last 30 days for a specific keyword- the higher the better.
  • Traffic- this column shows you the estimated traffic your page may get if it will get ranked on the first page of any major search engine- the higher the better. Statistics are that pages at the top three lines of search results are receiving 60% of traffic organically from people searching for your keywords. This is a great advantage you will get compared to people not using Jaaxy!
  • QSR- this is an acronym for “Quoted Search Results” and it shows you the number of “Competing Sites” ranked. The lower the number the less competition each specific keyword has. That means it can be easier for you to get the higher rank than when high competing keyword. This is one of the best Jaaxy’s features which allows you to position yourself against the lower number of competitors thus making it easier for your site to make to the first page of search results.
  • KQI- this column shows you the Keyword Quality Indicator- light style visual indicator showing Green as a good quality keyword, Yellow means fair and Red means poor. This is another great way to let your decision- making the process faster.
  • SEO Power- this score is based on traffic and competition and the higher the number is the better (on the scale from 0 to 100). Naturally, using the higher scored results will help you to improve your website’s SEO.
  • Related– this column is showing you search term that is related to your target search term and can be used to help you with your content creation.
  • Brainstorm– this column shows you a list of keywords that can help you to brainstorm your keyword research ideas.

The second tab after the Keywords in the second from the top black bar is the Alphabet Soup.

  • Alphabet Soup is not kid’s favorite dish. This is a technique that is aimed to improve your search for low competition, high traffic keywords. When you enter a keyword you want to elaborate the research on it will show the most popular combination used in the search of your “keyword”+ (words starting with “A”, “B”, “C”, and so on). In the screenshot below you can see combinations of keyword “traffic” with “analytics”, “affiliate marketing”, “AdWords”, “auto mass”, and the list continues.

how to get premium keyword research tool free 2016 Jaaxy review 2.

Needless to say, this feature can save you long hours of searching for well- ranking combinations on random.

  • Saved Lists- this feature allows you to access all your research sequences you’ve previously considered worth to be saved.
  • Search History- ALL your search history, including junk.
  • Search Analysis- this feature is going to show you search results for the particular keyword from three major search engines- Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Affiliate Programs- this will show you affiliate programs that you monetize with your particular well- crafted keyword.
  • Brainstorm- this is a scaled- up version of the Brainstorm feature from the Keywords screen;


Site Rank.

I love this feature. It shows me how my site and each particular page ranks in those major search engine for the particular keyword.

how to get premium keyword research tool free 2016 Jaaxy review 3

You can see from this screenshot that one of my posts is ranked at the position 7 on the first page of Google search results.

Jaaxy’s training.

Jaaxy’s training is provided to you in video tutorials as well as in downloadable materials. Despite Jaaxy versatile features, this tool is very easy to use and many people begin to use it right out of the box. Nevertheless , the comprehensive training is designed to make you familiar with all its features and possible ways of application.

Jaaxy’s support.

The support is provided by the original creator’s crew, including Kyle and Carson personally- how often you can get in direct touch with company owners? There are no issues that stay unresolved and their response time is very low.

In my opinion, it is one of the best supports I’ve ever received.

What can you do with all the power Jaaxy provides you with?

Well, this is the right question to ask. Given the power of Jaaxy you can:

  • Find low competition/ high traffic keywords (so called Low Hanging Fruit Keywords) and learn how competitive the keyword you are thinking about is;
  • Research new niche and keyword ideas;
  • Find your site and posts ranking;
  • Researching the Web’s popular trends;
  • Utilize Google’s Alphabet Soup automation;
  • Find best affiliate programs for your well- crafted keywords;
  • Utilize keyword metrics that can help you to improve your site’s SEO;
  • Build and save keyword lists for future exploration;
  • Find new domain names for future resale;
  • And lots of other things.

The domain name research is one thing I would like to talk about a little bit more.

Although it’s never been confirmed that matching your domain name to your niche name improves your site’s ranking in search engine results making it sound reasonably related to the niche name will certainly work well on your reader’s impression. So, utilizing Domains column from Jaaxy’s Search feature will help you finding the best domain name available that would match your niche keyword.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is that Domain names can be re-sold and good domain names can cost rather a good money. Finding and buying particular name can bring you profit in the future- it’s called the Domain flipping. Find it, buy it, keep it, list it for re- sale. It’s that easy.

What is Low Hanging Fruit keyword?

The name is pretty much self- explanatory. Every fruit tree has multiple fruits hanging low and high. Usually, best fruits are hanging high, because they are getting more sunlight. They are ripe and colorful but they are hard to reach without using additional effort setting the ladder, climbing up). Fruits hanging low are not so attractive, but they are still good and juicy. The best part is you can reach them without much of the hustle and make a nice jam.

The same is true for keywords. Most of great, high traffic keywords have very high competition rate and it is very hard, especially for less established marketers to compete in getting to the first search page with those who already rank high.

So, in order to make your start in gaining your site’s rank is to use keywords that will provide you with less traffic but you have greater chances to rank your site to the first page of search engine results.

With several pages ranking at the top of search results your site will earn its credibility in “eyes” of search engines, making it easier for later posts to gain higher ranks.

The Low Hanging Fruit strategy is clearly beneficial for starting еру ranking process for a new blog or site even for experienced marketers.

Try it, use it, check your results.

Jaaxy’s plans.

Now, I’m going to fulfill my promise and show you, how you can get this premium keyword tool for free for unlimited time.

But first- let me explain plans available.

There are only three available options:

  • Free trial plan, $0/ month, no credit card information required;
  • Pro plan, $19/ month;
  • Enterprise plan, $47/ month.

how to get premium keyword research tool free 2016 jaaxy review 4

Pro plan.

All Jaaxy’s features explained above are available in Pro plan and provide you with all the power you need to start conducting keyword research for your online business. It’s been designed with people without great Internet experience in mind, but I know well- experienced marketers who are using Jaaxy to run their highly profitable online marketing businesses.

As you’ve learned above, it is giving you:

  • Unlimited keyword searches;
  • Search volume;
  • Traffic estimate;
  • Keyword competition score QSR;
  • SEO Power score;
  • Available domains;
  • Related keywords,
  • Site ranking;
  • Search analysis;
  • Keyword and niche ideas brainstorming;

Enterprise plan.

An Enterprise plan was designed for marketers needed more detailed research results. It provides you with the higher level of data gathering and analysis and allows you to work with bigger amounts of data. Compared to Pro plan it is:

  • Almost twice faster than Pro plan and five times faster than free version;
  • Provides you instant QSR results and domain availability;
  • Provides you 5 simultaneous tabbed searches vs two in Pro plan;
  • Alphabet soup provides you with 50 results vs 15 in Pro;
  • Allows you to sort your data in several ways.

Now, how can you get this premium keyword research tool free?

The best part of Jaaxy is that you can try it in action absolutely FREE without any obligations- no credit card information will be asked.

For $0 you can get 30 free  keyword searches, search analyses, alphabet soup queries and affiliate program research.

“Wait a minute”- you’ll say. “Only thirty?”. Yes, thirty. But it’s quite enough to get all the research you would need to create one article and maybe even more and figure out for yourself if this tool is right for you. And I’m sure you’re gonna like it and would like to extend your FREE Jaaxy use.


Here’s how you can do it:

As a FREE member of Jaaxy, you can earn credits by letting other people know about FREE access to Jaaxy keyword research tool. What can possibly be easier? You don’t even sell anything- you’re giving away the FREE access to the top premium keyword, market and niche research tool!

This is how it works:

As a free member of Jaaxy you can enlist in Jaaxy’s affiliate program:

Note:- don’t mistake it with Affiliate programs research function from the lower gray bar.

For every person who will sign up to Jaaxy as a FREE member through your affiliate link, you will receive 10 free bonus searches.


  • Refer 10 people- receive 100 searches
  • Refer 100 people- get 1000 searches;
  • Refer 1000- get 10000.


But wait, it gets even better! When some of your free referrals decide to take their Jaaxy experience  to the new level and upgrade for $19/ month Pro membership you will earn you $8 recurring (residual) commission!

Considering that the average Pro membership retention time is at least 1 year your yearly income from one premium sign- up will get you almost $100. That is not a huge money, but it adds up fairly fast and if only 30 of your referrals will decide to upgrade they will bring you almost $3000 per year, and that’s already the amount you can spend on something you’ve been dreaming about.

Watch this very short video explaining how you can easily earn your free Jaaxy search credits:

Personally, I haven’t seen other premium tool (I could be wrong- please, let me know in the “Comments” section below this post if so) that would provide you completely free account that gives you unlimited use of ALL it’s great can try it right now without any obligations- enter your search terms in the box below:



There are many ways to promote your free Jaaxy offer without spending a dime:

  • Post it on your favorite Social Media Networks: Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all others;
  • Email it to your email list in your Internet marketing niche;
  • Create and post the Youtube video (like those you’ve just seen);
  • Promote it on your website or blog;
  • Talk about it in your favorite forums;
  • And many more others (you can be as creative as you like).

In my opinion, it really worth trying- I myself did. I have upgraded to Pro after learning that it does make sense for me, but I would not try to push you into that direction and it is totally up to you. But I would certainly encourage you to try this absolutely free opportunity without risking to lose a single dime.

Recapping my review.

There is nothing perfect in this world. Every keyword tool has its advantages and disadvantages. So does Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Pros.

  • Very easy to learn and use;
  • Web- based tool available for you at any computer or mobile device with an Internet access;
  • Multiple search engine platforms are utilized, using data from all major search engines;
  • Enables you to choose high traffic and low competition keywords;
  • High- speed performance;
  • No excessive data results to confuse your analysis;
  • Great training and support;
  • Automatic server- side updates;
  • Suits for all levels of experience;

Jaaxy Cons.

  • No data available to separate local searches from global;
  • No search language data;
  • Competitors ranking must be done manually ( although it is pretty easy anyway).

Wealthy Affiliate training.

Jjaaxy was created by the same people, who have founded Wealthy Affiliate Online University more than 10 years ago. In this period of time half a million people have joined Wealthy Affiliate global community and many of them still retain their membership.Learn how you can start your online marketing training absolutely free- read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


This review is based on my personal experience, gained from using Jaaxy for my marketing keyword research. I’m highly satisfied with its performance and data presentation and plan to use it in the future.

Keywords are like a blood in veins of search engines, delivering the oxygen of traffic to your website. Finding best keywords possible is vital for your website traffic and thus for your profits.

Now when you know how you can get this premium keyword research tool absolutely free there is nothing stopping you from choosing high- quality keywords for your website. I wish you all the best in your online business and great keyword hunting. Share your thoughts and ask your questions in the Comments section below this post. Thank you for reading it patiently :).Get your free Jaaxy membership today!

Jaaxy Keyword research tool

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  1. J Mario

    Great review on an even greater product, very complete and informative, highlighting all the benefits of this software.I’ll make sure to keep checking your site to learn more about online marketing


  2. Javie

    This is an extremely detailed an informative post. Thank you for taking the time to look through all of the details. Keyword research can be tough so this looks to be a great resource for getting the job done. Thank you!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Javier! You’re right- Jaazy will save you tons of time and efforts finding good keywords for your posts. Try it and I’m sure you’re going to like it. Kirill.

  3. Roger


    Jaaxy is not only a terrific tool with amazing features! And how wonderful that I can try it for free, and continue it for free if I can find other users!

    So would you recommend starting with the free version, and then move up to the paid versions? Is the Pro plan worth going to first, or does it make more sense to stick with the free plan (as long as I can keep using it!) until I can move up to the Enterprise plan?

    BTW, when I clicked on the Google Keyword Planner link, I was taken to Google AdWords. Is that the same thing? It seemed to be a site to purchase ads for your website?

    Thanks for the review and excellent analysis!


    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Roger,
      Yes, Google Keyword Planer is a part of Google AdWords. You must have an AdWords account to use Planer, but you don’t have to pay for their adds.
      I was using the free version of Jaaxy for a while myself then I’ve decided that I will benefit more from the Pro plan since it works faster and presents me with more data I can use. I would say that you can start with the free version to get familiar with the tool and upgrade when you see that your research requires more power. And I’m positive that you won’t regret if you upgrade.
      Thank you for sharing with us. Kirill.

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