How to get more likes and followers FREE- TraffUp Review.

By   May 23, 2016

TraffUp review 2You know that your Social Media exposure depends on how your page is ranked by your media platform. It mainly depends on a number of likes, followers, retweets your page has. The problem is- if you don’t have enough of them your page will be displayed to a fewer number of people thus limiting your chances to acquire new likes, followers, retweets. What to do? Can you break out of this circle? YES, YOU CAN, with the use of Social Media automation, and the best thing is you can get it free. Read my TraffUp review.

What is TraffUp? Free Social Media Automation tools.

TraffUp is one of those services (LinkCollider, Like4Like, ViralContentBuzz) which allow you to like, follow, retweet and otherwise engage with other users’ accounts in order to get points that you can exchange for other users engagement with your account.

Company name: TraffUp;

Company website:;

Cost to join: Free (with some upsells, works fine in FREE mode);

Ease of use: Very easy to setup and use.

The problem is this is not exactly the type of engagement what Social Media are about. People, who like your page or follow you are hardly interested in your content or offer. They do it to earn credits that they will exchange for their pages’ likes and followers. But the purpose of joining and using TraffUp is clear and solid- it gives your new account the critical amount of engagements which will allow it to start acquiring natural organic engagements.

The problem has just been mentioned translates into the following. The sole purpose of Social Media is the other users’ engagement with your content.

You can get a whole a lot of followers, retweets, and likes but you will hardly get a real engagement with your content and offers. This is the reason why many people remain critical towards services like TraffUp. While agreeing with them in general, I will present my point.

If your content is worth it, then once you get enough of likes and shares from other established and real users with lots of likes and followers, chances that your content starts acquiring natural organic engagement are very good.

How does it work?

TraffUp review 3You have already got an idea. Having your content liked, retweeted and otherwise shared sends a powerful message to search engines. Latest search engine algorithms pay special attention to social interaction and engagement. Improving your SEO through the use of Social Media platforms is like killing two birds with one stone. You are improving your organic traffic at the same time as you are improving your SEO.

The downside of services like TraffUp is that you are not in control of your traffic targeting. In fact, your traffic will be extremely random.

You can leverage this effect by broadening your content focus. Besides of publishing specific content, aimed at generating you new leads and sales, create content that is related to your niche but may appeal to a visitor who is not specifically interested in your topic but may be interested reading funny and interesting statistics, news and facts about the topic you are writing about.

How about “Most confusing Kann Film Festival dresses” for the fashion website? Or “How to tweak your browser” for a site about online marketing?

Publishing this type of content will not increase your conversions, but it will beef up your profile and improve your site’s authority.

Again, getting more followers, who will more likely to share your content will result in more likes and retweets and ultimately starts working on improving your conversions, if you are a marketer, or skyrocket your popularity on Social Media if your goal is that.

Why would you use TraffUp?

Getting new followers is a very slow process, especially if you just started your account recently. Psychologically, people are tending to hesitate following new accounts with low following/ followers ratio (when talking about Twitter) or liking pages with low likes numbers (Facebook). It will take months to build required scores organically. With TraffUp, you may achieve it in a matter of days if you do it the right way.

Once your page has gotten several hundreds of likes or followers, it will begin to draw more attention and respect from your media platform members and will get better positions where more people can see it.

One very important thing to be taken into the consideration is that all likes, retweets, and follows come from real users. Sure, you can buy likes from other services, but it will be from fake profiles and the effect of it will be close to zero. Don’t forget, search engines are getting smarter by day and buying backlinks from link farms already bringing more damage to websites that are using it. You will use your money and, more important, your time buying these likes.

You may ask yourself the question- will I be doomed to keep using TraffUp forever? Not at all. Rather sooner (with the help of TraffUp) than later, your account will reach that level when organic engagement growth will take its place. When you feel that your page’s engagement level is high and growing steadily you can quit and monitor your results. Some people keep using the service anyway, partially because it is free.

How to join.

Free Website Visitors

Joining TraffUp can not get easier.

Follow this link and you will immediately receive 100 bonus points.

You will receive an email with the link to confirm your sign up.

You will be asked to fill out the short profile and your website address and that is basically it.

TraffUp review 1

As you can see from this screenshot there are five clickable tabs:

  • Websites– where you can add your websites you want to be visited;
  • Twitter– you use this tab to get new followers;
  • Retweets– used to get free retweets of your tweets;
  • Likes– used to get likes to your Facebook page;
  • Instagram– to get new followers and likes on Instagram.

What else can you get with TraffUp?

As it’s been said above, you are earning your credits by liking/ retweeting/ following other people’s accounts on your Social Media channels. But you can also earn your credits by referring people to TraffUp.

TraffUp Affiliate program is automatically available to all TraffUp members and by referring new members, who realize benefits of using the service, your account is credited a certain amount of points. And it doesn’t stop at just people you’ve referred personally- it keeps working down to the third level of referrals.

You will earn 100 points when a person referred by you joins Traffup.

You will earn 5% points when a person referred by you buys points from Traffup.

For e.g. if someone referred by you purchased 5,00,000 points, you get 5% i.e. a whopping 25,000 points from Traffup. And this bonus applies to every purchase by that referral.

3-Level referral bonus: Your earnings don’t stop at level 1 referral. You also earn points when referrals of your referrals join Traffup or buy points from us. It works for 3 levels.

TraffUp review affiliate

I don’t know about you, but to me, it looks like giving your social media account a portion of steroids. Like in sports, you should not overuse it, but it will definitely help you to pick up the growth pace. And you will know when to pull the plug once your goals are achieved.

By the way, this is how TraffUp notifies you when you earn your referral points:




I hope you have learned some useful information for yourself from my TraffUp review and may find it beneficial to use. After all, Social Media automation can help you growing your account to maturity when used right. Share your opinion on the topic and ask your questions in the Comments section below this post. Thank you!

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14 Comments on “How to get more likes and followers FREE- TraffUp Review.

    1. Kirill Post author

      I’m not familiar with that one, I believe it’s also a credible service. Traffup does work for me. And it provides you BONUS POINTS.
      Thank you for sharing with us.

  1. Jacky

    Awesome content Kirill. I agree that the traffic from TraffUp is very random. I used it for about an hour and I had to disable my website because there was no engagement at all from all these visitors. However, it is really useful for a new page on Facebook or a new Twitter account to gain followers as quick as possible to gain some recognition.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Jacky,
      I’mn glad you appreciate my article. You are absolutely right- the level of engagement is low. But you shouldn’t expect to find targeted audience at Traffup- it’s another exchange service, that’s all. The real benefit of it is that all visitors are genuine, that gives them a significant credit (even though they aren’t engaging your content in depth).
      Like you’ve noted- giving the boost to a new page or account is Traffup’s main purpose.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion with us.

  2. shreya koushik

    Such a nice article on traffup but I didnt get any good result from traffup due to very low conversion ratio……………..

    1. Kirill Post author

      Yes, there’s not a lot of action there. You can hardly count on the regular income from doing business with them at the moment. You may find the more profitable way to make money if you join Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Zoey-Red LeFey

    Thank you Kirill for writing this article. I have been looking at sources to increase my traffic. Although I have Safelists to choose from, I will definitely sign up and try this one.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hey, Dharam. It’s quite simple to use TrafffUp. After creating your account you will choose the platform(s) you want to promote- FB, T, YouT, Instagram or your personal website. Add the page(s) address(es) to your account and receive free points- not a lot, just a shoulder patting.
      You have two options of earning points that you need to “pay” for likes you’re going to receive- you can buy them for money or you can earn them by giving likes to other people pages. It doesn’t take much time and rather straightforward. Good luck and many likes to your pages!

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