How to quit your job and make money online from home.

By   March 10, 2016

I want to quit my job and work online from home.

BellI want to quit my job and work online from home. I was telling this to myself and to my friends soo many times when I was on my way to work, in the traffic, during storms and summer heat. The title of this article How to quit my job and make money online from home is actually the phrase I used to Google many times looking for a clear answer. Actually, in my dreams my home didn’t have to be the place to work at. I just wanted to be free in my choice where should I make my money. Some place where I can work comfortable and be free in my choice to change it.

As all jobs, I had required extended hours and days I’ve missed out many precious moments when my daughter was growing up. I can get them back but now I’m making sure I’m not missing important moments anymore. Because now I know how and want to share it with you.

You can read my story in the About Me section of this site.

How to quit your job and make money online.

If you are looking to quit your job and make money online from home dHow to quit my job and work online from home.on’t make the same mistake that I and millions of others already have made- DON’T BUY INTO SCAM. I sincerely don’t want to recall the amount of my money I gave to people promising me that I will start making money on the same day. Why did I do that? Because I WANTED TO BELIEVE it will be so.

People looking to start their online business often have a very vague conception of what working online requires. Being familiar with finding the information they need online this people don’t see what is happening behind the scenes where this information is found and what lays between them finding it and the place this information was created.

Everyone looking to make money online has his/ her personal reasons for that- some people want to find an additional source of income to improve their financial situation, some of them wants to quit the job they hate, others want ( or need) to stay home with their families. Emotions that are driven them can be very strong and affect their decision. People want (naturally) a fast solution and they buying these promises time after time.

I can share my experience how to avoid online scams with you- PLEASE, don’t make same mistakes lots of people have already made. You can learn how to make money online and millions of people already do.

You CAN make money online.

Your FIRST step to the job that can give you your chance to live the lifestyle of your choice is to realize- YOU CAN BUILD YOUR SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS but it will not happen overnight. Forget this hype of making money tomorrow on autopilot. There is a fair amount of work you will need to complete. No people involved in online marketing are rocket scientists. If they were they would be designing new rockets. They are ordinary people just like you are who have made their commitment and have done work required. It took each of them different time to achieve their goals but only those who didn’t give up after the certain time in which they have expected the success to come passed to quick are enjoying their new lifestyle.

Making money online requires a website.

At the beginning of the Online Marketing era, there were crhow to build a website free and easyedible ways to work online without having your own website. Today these methods don’t work anymore. You can work from your home, from the library or from your favorite resort but you need an internet connection to your website.

There are thousands of free website builders online and choosing between them is not an easy task.  You need to consider a lot of factors while doing it and if you are not familiar with this it, the chances are that you will have to learn from your own mistakes.

But I can reassure you- thanks to the technological progress of the recent years building your website does not necessarily require learning special technical skills. You can check out my favorite free website builder that will provide a free hosting for your two free websites and detailed comprehensive tutorial guiding you through the process.

Working from home requires special traits.

When you are going to work (the one you want to quit) there isI want to quit my job and work online from home. a certain way how things are organized. You are given your tasks and must follow them other people deciding for you what and when you have to do.

When you work from home you are in charge for your own task list and your own schedule. You can make it as comfortable as possible but you need to make sure you are productive. There are more destructive factors at home than there are at your work and there is no boss behind your back who is watching that you are not drifting away from your task.

Working from home requires self-organization from the beginning. It requires a certain mindset that you want things to become the way you want them to be and you will do everything that it takes for it. But learning these traits is not harder than learning any skill you have learned in your life. It takes your commitment to your dream to become your goal and your goal to become your reality.

How to start.

If you really want to quit your job and make money online working from home you need to set your priorities. Please, take a few minutes, check out this short tutorial and watch the video that explains in short how online business works.

Before you give your boss a two weeks notice you need to start learning online marketing skills. Remember, there are no ways to achieve success overnight. It will take you some time before work from home job will start paying your bills. If you need money today- period- you better find a second job.

There are plenty online marketing training programs and I’ve gone through some of them. If you want to compare some of them that have gained the top of the list you can read my review of the top training programs for beginners.

Millions of people have already gone the path you are standing at the beginning of right now. If you will make a decision and commit yourself to achieving your dream you will give your boss that 2-week notice in your not so distant future.

I hope I have drawn you a comprehensible picture of working online. May you have any questions about this business details or my experience with it please ask them in the comments section below and if this article has inspired you in any way please share it with your friends.

Thank you. Kirill.

8 Comments on “How to quit your job and make money online from home.

  1. max

    Hey there,

    I appreciate your motivational support and above all you openness and honesty. It seems like you truly want to help people and drive them onwards. I can tell you are serious and that this comes straight from the bottom of your heart.

    Remember to proofread; read your sentences aloud to see and pick up any little errors.

    Great job and keep it up!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, Max! It’s always very pleasant when I can see that I’ve left a good impression and my motives are clear. I’m trying to share my experience and help people the same way I was getting help when I was making my first steps in the online business. Kirill.

  2. Von

    Hi Kirill,

    How is your experience with Wealthy Affiliate and did you have any background on writing or web design?

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Von! My experience with Wealthy Affiliate is the most positive one. Although I’ve spent plenty time and money on various affiliate training programs and programs it wasn’t until I’ve joined WA when I’ve begun to see real results and advance both in financial and technical aspects of online marketing business.
      I had an IT background ( I used to work as systems/ network administrator and I’ve quit it about 13 years ago) I had no web design nor writing experience. These were one of the biggest issues holding me back until I’ve started my membership with Wealthy Affiliate University. The way they provide you with training and support can allow anyone with no web experience whatsoever to become a successful blogger and online Entrepreneur given the fact that they have a strong desire to succeed in this business. You can read about my experience with WA in greater details on my page My Wealthy Affiliate Introduction
      Thank you. Kirill.

  3. Hari S Nair

    Hi Kirill,
    I can relate to your post as it was my wish too that I wanted to make money online and be my own boss. That desire made me to waste my money on many scammy get rich programs, I learned the lesson that one needs knowledge, training and proper avenue to make money in the online world, that’s what WA has done for me and I am so glad that I took the right path eventually.

    I really want that this post of yours reaches people at the right time so that they could get there without falling into traps..thanks 🙂

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Hari! Thank you for sharing your experience here! Only the combination of proper training and hard work will lay the foundation for successful online business and benefit you in the long run. I wish as many people as possible could avoid making the mistake that I’ve made and wasting all the money I’ve wasted while looking for reliable online marketing program before I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate. I hope my article will serve this purpose well.

  4. Marcelo

    Hey Kirill, thanks for sharing it.
    With so many scams around it’s hard to find places where we can trust and that really tell how it works.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Marcelo. I’ve been burnt enough times to know the feeling of being scammed. For all those honest and responsible people looking to grow their online business. I have the advice from my heart- Wealthy Affiliate rocks!Thank you for reading my article and sharing your assessment with us. Kirill.

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