How to use Social Media in Affiliate marketing.

By   March 8, 2016

Best ways to use Social Media to use social media in affiliate marketing 2

Have you ever wondered how to use Social Media the right way to market your business? What do Social Media mean to you? How can you leverage your Social Media networks to grow your business?

Although we are going to analyze how to use Social Media in affiliate marketing all that will be said is applicable to all kinds of business whether it is online or traditional.

How to use social media marketing the right to use social media in affiliate marketing 3

In the not-so-distant past, your Facebook page could get dozens of views and a bunch of likes even if you were not the most active FB member. Anything you’ve written had a great chance to be viewed and shared by lots of people. Today you will have to pay for your post to be seen even by people who already like your page!

And this is a per-post charge. You won’t call this a winning marketing strategy.

The truth is that you shouldn’t regard your Social Media networks as a marketing platform. Instead, you should use them as your content distribution channel. And in order to do so, you should answer one question to yourself- what is your goal of using Social Media for your business? Right, to increase your business.

To increase your business you want to engage as many people as possible and Social Media can be a great leverage when you use it right.

What is the best time for sharing on Social Media?Best ways to use Social Media marketing

Did you know there are the good and the bad time to share your content on Social Media? To understand that you need to know that the average half-life time for your post is about 90 minutes for FB and 15 minutes for Tweeter. After that it’s history. So, to use it right you need to use it wisely.

How many of your friends and followers will get a chance to see your post or tweet in this blink of time? Probably no more than happened to be online during this period of time. Thus, choosing the right time to post is very important.

Best ways to use Social Media marketing 2According to many studies, the BEST time to share your post on FB is on Saturday and Sunday around 1 PM and Thursday and Friday between 1 PM and 4 PM. Famous blogger Neil Patel believes that posting around 1 PM will get you more shares while at 3 PM you will get most clicks.

The WORST time for sharing on FB commonly believed to be between 9 PM to 9 AM.

Best ways to use Social Media marketing 3For Tweeter, the BEST time to tweet is Wednesday, between noon and 5 PM. In general, during the workweek, the best time is between 1-3 PM and around 5 PM. The WORST time to tweet said to be 8 PM to 9 AM. Patel believes that tweeting at 5 PM will get you more re-tweets but noon time and 6 PM will get the most click-throughs’.

How to use social media marketing the right wayLinkedIn is a “professional” network so it is not a surprise that the BEST time to post here falls on weekdays, Tuesday is the peak time at around 10-11 AM and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the BEST days with times 7:30-8:30 AM, 12 PM and 5-6 PM. The WORST time is (no wonder) 10 PM-6 AM.

How to use social media marketing the right way 2Google Plus tends to be “weekday network”, just like LinkedIn. Weekdays 9-11 AM is the BEST times to post on Wednesday at 9 AM being the best.

6 PM-8 AM is the WORST time for G+.

How to use social media marketing the right way 3Pinterest, in contrast, is the network tends to be the late-night hangout. The BEST DAY for posting here is Saturday. The BEST TIME falls between 8-11 PM. However, some studies show that posts here are doing well also between 2-4 AM and 2-4 PM. The WORST TIME to post on Pinterest is 5-7 PM.

how to use social media for affiliate marketingInstagram is another example of late-night engagement. The engagement level is more or less steady throughout the week with some increase on Monday. There is practically no WORST TIME with times between 9 PM and 8 AM BEST for posting videos.


Considering all the above said you can plan your posts based on “science”. But the science doesn’t end here.

Share your posts in the right place.

As many studies confirm the time when you were posting directly to your page are gone. Nowadays if you want the Social Media marketing work for your business (whether you are an affiliate or promoting your own product or services) you need to leverage your networks to distribute your content to your audience.


The goal of your Social Media engagement is for your audience to like your content, meaning for them to want to read it. You need them to be interested in what you are talking about with them. In the other words- if your business is deep sea fishing equipment, you need your audience to want to know about deep sea fishing, not home cooking. Agreed?

how to use social media for affiliate marketing 2Here begins the strategy of big numbers. When you posting on your profile the chances are that it will only be seen by 5-10% of your friends and followers. How many friends or followers do you have? 200? 500? 1500? Are they all interested in deep sea fishing? Probably not. Even so, this is not the size of customer outreach you would consider sufficient for your business. You want your content to be read by as many people who are potentially interested in doing business with you as possible. Where can you find them on your Social Media? You are right- in the groups, communities, networks.

Instead of annoying your friends by displaying them the stuff they know they are not interested in you better present it to people who are already interested in the subject you are “covering” and more likely engage with your content and with you. Don’t forget- the engagement with your audience is what leads to an increase of conversions.

How to share your posts the right way.

From all the above said the marketing strategy can be drawn- you need to share your posts on your Social Media networks several times per day per network at the specific times. The most obvious example is Facebook. If you are a member of 20 groups of interest and you have a roll of 5-6 posts to share it will take you about an hour for each sharing session. If you want to cover all most efficient time you would like to share it 3 times a day. This will take about three hours of your time. Add G+, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest and you will have your precious time reduced in half. When are you going to create your content?

Your content is crucial for your marketing business. Like it’s been said- Social Media marketing is dead, the content marketing is flourishing. This is why your primary concern is creating quality content your audience will want to read. The process of sharing it must be automated.

There are a number of online marketing tools that allow you to schedule automatic posting to your Social Media accounts free and paid ones. Let’s take a look at few of them.

The first one is free- HootSuite. It’s a rather cool tool, the great thing about it that it’s free. The negative side of it is that it allows you to post to your business profiles in FB and G+. Still, since it’s free, it’s worth a shot. There is a rather cool training on how to use it.

The second one is Edgar. It’s a quite powerful tool with many features that comes with a subscription price of $49 a month and can do a lot for this price. It can post to your FB profile, FB pages, FB groups, Tweeter account, LinkedIn profile and page and much more. When you have a lot of content to share it certainly worth the money.

The next one is CoSchedule. It allows connecting to your profiles across multiple social Media accounts and it is also integrated WordPress allowing you to schedule your post as you publish it. It’s going to cost you as little as $15 a month which is not a big money when you are counting to make money from it. Its downside is that it only allows you to post to your personal profile and to FB groups that you are an administrator of and it’s not very flexible on scheduling times.

And now my favorite one- Mass Planner. For just $9.95 a month it allows you to share your post to the most major Social Media networks, including groups and communities you are not an admin of. If you won’t be able to multiply your Social Media engagement with it- you have to pinch yourself and see what is in your marketing strategy you are not doing right.

Social Media marketing vs. Content marketing.

Let me summarize what’s been said above.

  • You can not use the Social Media Marketing the same way as you used to do it a few years ago.
  • To leverage your Social Media networks the best way you should regard them as a distribution channel for your content.
  • It’s the Content Marketing you should call it and plan your marketing strategy the right way.
  • Since it is the Content marketing the main element in it is your content that your audience can’t wait to read.
  • To distribute your content through your Social Media the best way possible you should consider the best time to post specific for each particular network.
  • To make your posting and sharing process easier and faster you should consider using automation tools.


I hope this information will help you to increase your business’ social engagement and conversions. If you have any questions or suggestion, please share them in the Comments section below this article and I will address it as soon as possible.

Thank you and stay tuned for more useful articles.


22 Comments on “How to use Social Media in Affiliate marketing.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, Andrea! I believe anyone running his own business (or even managing one for someone else) will benefit from adjusting their approach to marketing their business via Social Media networks. I will be updating this topic regularly.

  1. Lisa

    It’s super annoying to me that there are specific time to post in order to get optimum traffic, but could be be very useful information. Is there anyway you could make a simplified printable of the different medias and their times? That would be fantastic!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Sure, I will compile a table and update my post Thank you for this idea. One way you can make your posting process easier is by using automatic scheduling tools where you can set up the desired posting time in advance at your convenience.

  2. Von

    Hi Kirill,

    I like the idea of posting stuff on a certain time when everyone is online. I never thought of this before. The great thing about facebook is when people starts to like and comment on your posts, it stays on the top of your friends feed. So that 90 minutes can be extended into a couple of days (if it becomes popular).

    1. Kirill Post author

      Sure, the more engagement your posts receive the more visibility you have. Once you’ve caught people’s attention on the vast scale your content marketing via Social media will pay you back generously.
      Thank you. Kirill.

  3. Troy Halstenson

    Kirill, This is the area of marketing that we all need to know as much information as possible “Driving Traffic” and the proper usage of the Social Media Networks. I know for those who are interested in Internet Marketing, The proper utilization of Social Media is a vital mechnism towards a successful online business. I have been told that Facebook is not a place to actively promote a business due to it is more of a place to get caught up into just a bunch of drama, What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Troy.
      As Social Media evolving constantly, anyone involved in online marketing needs to monitor and follow the newest trends. Over the period of time, some networks are making bigger leaps ahead than others. I’m intended to keep my attention on all trends and update my readers.
      As for Facebook marketing, you’re right that it has lost the power it had in the recent past but at the same time, its other features are still alive and quite powerful. I’m talking about FB groups where you can target your audience more precisely. The number of people you can engage through FB groups is many, many times higher than the one of your FB friends. We should leverage this advantage.

  4. Chris

    Wow thanks for your detailed post, I really enjoyed it. Social media marketing has never really worked for me, now I have some explanations. Thank you I will definitely be using these tips from now on.

  5. Eddy

    Awesome article. Never knew that publishing times on social medias are such a science now. Thanks heaps for this article. It has been very informative and useful.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Eddy. It was a kind of discovery for me too when I first came across this information, that’s why I decided to share it with everyone. I’m using this strategy now and my Social Media engagement jumped drastically.
      Thank you. Kirill.

  6. Roger

    Wow! I knew I didn’t know a lot about using Social Media for marketing, but YOU really opened my eyes to just how ignorant I truly am!

    And yes, that’s a good thing!

    Times to post, strategies, suggestions. I love your site! And will study it more (I bookmarked it for my convenience) so I will be able to learn even more (and review all I forgot!).

    Thanks, Kirill!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, Roger!
      I’m glad I can be helpful in any kind of way. I’m intended to share all useful information I will be able to find.
      Best luck in growing your business.

  7. Vicky

    Great tips for social media! The one thing to remember is to engage and actually enjoy the social in social media. I run into so many that are just there to sell and talk about them self, click here… visit my… instead of interacting and engaging with others.
    Care about others and help people out and you will see a lot more engagement.
    I have to check the mass planner tool out, right now I’m using Crowdfire…

    Thanks for the post!

  8. Marcelo

    I have a question for you regarding the best time to share on social media. Is it for a specific country or is it for everywhere?

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Marcelo.
      Social Media networks are global networks. All trends on SM are global with minor differences from country to country. On the other hand, there are 24 time zones in the world and each of them is following all trends in it’ local time. So, my advice- try to follow posting times specific to your audience local time, like Greenwich time for GB.
      Thank you for this very important question. Kirill.

  9. WarrickB

    Hi Krill, very interesting and informative article, I found the section on when to post on each site valuable. I am curious though, is that the current trend?

    Also, you mentioned Social Media Marketing being dead, so would it be safe to assume that you don’t believe in social media marketing? If so, why?

    I am glad to see that you recommended Hootsuite, I used to use it for personal reasons, but I may take a look at it as an option to build my business.

    Thanks for the great content,

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Warrick.
      I can’t bet you that this trend is not shifting slightly but the studies I was basing on when writing this article were published in the past few months. I believe it is safe to use this data for your marketing planning.
      Also, yes, the Social Marketing is dead in the way it used to be in recent years. Promoting your products and services via Social Media directly will not bring you the desired engagement with your audience and it is better to use SM as a distribution channel for your content. So, it’s content marketing nowadays.
      Hootsuite is a great tool and it’s free but its features are limited compared to other tools but you still can leverage.
      Thank you for your feedback. Kirill.

  10. Leslie

    I have nearly given up on Social Media marketing, it’s so frustrating to write something and only a small percent of your followers ever see it in their feed. I’m going to give your suggestions a try. Thanks!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Leslie!
      I’m very glad that my article encouraged you to keep pushing to your goal. There are lots of potentials you are still able to utilize to keep your efforts growing your business alive. Social Media are still a great channel to promote your business and you can use my tips to further expand it. Kirill.

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