How to write profitable blog content.

By   March 12, 2016

Learn how to make money by blogging.

Make money bloggingIn case you are wondering- YES, you can make a long-lasting career by blogging. I don’t know the exact numbers and don’t want to lie to you but thousands, in not millions of people have built their prosperous lifestyle by writing interesting blogs other millions of peoples read. Blogging is not a mission for specially gifted people. Given an aspiration you can learn how to write a profitable blog content in a very reasonable time.

If you want to learn how to make money by blogging- I have tips you can use to make your blog profitable. They are listed in no particular order but more important are at the top. I will also show you how you can accelerate the making money process.

Tips how to make your blog profitable.

1.     Choose a topic you are passionate about for your content.

This is one of the fundamental rules of blogging. In order to make a profit of your blog, it has to be popular. For a blog to be popular people must like what they read- your content. If you choose a topic you are not interested in- chances are you won’t be able to make your readers interested in your posts. They are not going to stick to your blog and your ranking won’t go high enough to make it visible in Google (and other search engines) search. You will not make money. It’s that simple.

Besides, you won’t be able to make yourself writing about your topic for a prolonged time. There is one advice I have found and follow ever since- choose a topic you can write at least 50 posts just for a start.

2.     Create unique content.

learn how to make money by bloggingThere are thousands of posts on any given topic on the Internet. To make your blog attractive to your readers you must make it not to look like an edited copy of other blogs. Write an original content and ensure the quality of it. Make your readers feel that they are receiving useful information from your content and make them expecting more of it.

It doesn’t mean you have to create something no one ever wrote about before you. Your goal is not a Pulitzer award- it is to create useful information in the original form. It also doesn’t mean that you can not look for information in other people’s articles- the Internet is the source of information. It means that you can’t copy other writer’s content. It’s called plagiarism and is a sort of stealing. You will not benefit from it anyway- Search Engines feel duplicate content and will not rank it.

But don’t be discouraged- you can learn how to create content faster than you may think you can.

3.     Write authentic posts.

People love to read authentic content. Imagine two well-written books on the same topic but written by different authors. Each of them wrote it in his own style. Although both books are about the same (Revolutionary war, for example) people read both of them. On the other hand, when someone is trying to copy other author’s style it rarely make a competitive material. People won’t pay money for it.

The best thing about this tip is that you don’t even have to learn hoe to write an authentic content. You just have to let your thoughts flow and write them down. Write about things you care about and things your audience cares about and don’t think about profit when you write.

4.     Establish a feeling of personal connection with your reader.

Making your reader feeling that it is a real person talking to him will establish a better engagement in the future. You are not a faceless conglomerate printing well- decorated materials. You are the live person with your own pain and emotions and you are reaching out to them to share it.

You don’t have to reveal all secret aspects of you life but you can and should share your experience about the topic you are writing on and write in a conversational manner.

5.     Choose a profitable niche.

The marketing niche can be defined as the product features aimed at satisfying specific maprofitable nicherket.- Wiki.

Although practically ALL niches are profitable you should approach carefully to choosing the niche for your blog. Once you have chosen the niche for your blog you can not change it. If you have started writing a blog about organic products you can’t change it to be about weight loss, may be just in the very beginning. Once you’ve gathered your audience you must stick to what your readers are expecting to find in your posts.

To choose the more profitable niche you should find one with the wider selection of products but you can’t make it too broad. Learn how to find a profitable niche for your blog and experiment with it.

6.     Create great headlines.

Writing headlines that attract people’s attention is essential to your blog’s popularity. No matter how great your content is it’s the headlines that make people start reading it. All big Media companies have dedicated writers’ whose only task is to write headlines that will catch people’s eyes. In many cases, it’s the headline that makes article viral. Writing good headlines is a challenge but you can leverage online tools to help you with it.

7.     Add “visual” to you content.

People are visual creatures. We remember 80% of what we see compared to 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. To make your blog as profitable as possible one thing you can’t overlook is to make people remember it. This brings us to the conclusion that adding images related to your content will help your readers to remember your post and blog thus helping them to return to it again.

8.     Ensure the quality of your content.

Studies show that people visiting the website for the first time make their decision to stay on it or switch to another page in first 3 seconds. That means that you must create your content the way it became interested in your readers in their first 3 seconds on your site. That includes your killer headlines and the first paragraph working as a magnet for your reader’s attention. But that’s not it.

Even if you’ve managed to grab their attention at the beginning, if they fall asleep while reading the rest of your post they won’t come back. You’ve missed the money they could have spent on your site. So, make sure you’re creating the quality content.

9.     Be patient- results don’t come fast.

Many people quit their online marketing business because they don’t see profit as soon as they would like to- remember, the time is the moneyJ. You need to understand that it naturally takes time for your blog to become profitable. Search engines don’t rank your content until your site “matures” and it takes them about 6 months (sometimes more, sometimes less) to get “familiar” with it. There are ways how you can speed this process up and I will talk about them later in this post.

10. Remember- procrastination can kill your business before it is born.

With the previous tip in mind make a note to yourself- don’t postpone your blog until you feel enlightened. Start writing and publishing your content right away without waiting. Keep it in mind that Search Engines can rank only that content which had been published. Therefore don’t wait until you become a great writer and just do it. Most likely it will stay unnoticed by public anyway but you will begin getting ranked by Google and others. There is a certain routine, a “drill” if you will, on the way from building your site and making money. Take a few minutes of your time and get familiar with this process.

11. Your success requires your consistency.

Creating the quality content takes a lot of time at the beginning. Every blogger knows that feeling of desperation when you can find a single viable thought in your head and can write even a single word. An experienced blogger can write and publish 2000 word article in a couple of hours but when I was starting blogging it used to take me several days (well, the time free from other work) to put a 1000 word article together. With each new article, that time was getting smaller and smaller as I was learning how to write it.

Don’t despair if you are feeling empty- take it easy and work on your content every minute you can. Get yourself a small notepad and make notes on your mobile device whenever an idea you can use in your content crosses your mind- this will help you at the time you sit down at your computer to actually write.

12. Do not forget- you will need to learn constantly.

how to make your blog profitableAs the online world evolves constantly and rapidly you need to make sure you’re staying abreast with technology. If you’ll allow yourself to fall behind so will your profit. Consider the learning process as your investment in yourself- the best type of investment you can ever make. And it is not only Internet technology advances that you need to learn but marketing and even psychology basics as well. Remember- as a blogger you work for people and understanding people’s needs is important for your success.

13. Understand your audience.


From the previous tip the conclusion is following- you need to understand your audience. Understanding the process how your reader becomes your customer is crucial for your blog to become profitable. Even the greatest content in the world will not bring you money if you don’t monetize it right. To make your blog profitable you must understand how customer purchase lifecycle works and keep it in mind when writing you content.

14. Leverage your Social Media networks.

Social Media Clock

Your Social Media networks can become a great platform for getting your content a maximum exposure. Although the best ways to leverage your social media are changing it can still help you to grow your audience. Remember to enable Social Sharing icons on your site.

To achieve best results from sharing on social media you ca:

15. Include Call To Action in your content.

The ultimate goal of your blog is to make you a profit. The process of transformation reader into customer called conversion. A very important element of conversion is Call To Action or CTA. With CTA, you can hint your reader what action you expect him to take. It can be a button or an icon with a link to a product in your content like “Click to learn more” or “Buy it now!” or any other action you want them to take. Include CTA in your every post to increase conversions.

16. Create a free giveaway for your readers.

One way to establish a long-term relationship with your readers is to give them some value free. It can be a free training, free e-book or application, free membership or a newsletter that would help your audience within the field you’re writing about.

One of the benefits for you in giving value away free is the chance to collect reader’s e-mails when they opt-in.

17. Build an e-mail list.

How to write profitable blog content 2As I’ve mentioned it in the previous tip collecting your reader’s e-mail addresses is the way to keep reaching them in the time to come. It usually takes 7-8 contacts with a reader before he makes a decision to commit to a purchase. Contacting your subscribers with your content updates and newsletters will help you to stay in touch with them and provide with the value you have to offer.

18. Proper site maintenance will help it to rank faster.

As I’ve promised above here are tips on helping your site to rank faster.

When you beginning to post your content to your site you want it to get published right away. In order for Search Engines to crawl your site faster and easier, you need to properly setup Webmaster Tools. This way you will ensure that all your blog updates are indexed ASAP.

Another way to improve your site’s indexing time and speed it is to add a Google Sitemap. This way Search Engines will prioritize your site in indexing queue

This stuff may sound scary but you can see that it is quite easy by creating two FREE (no credit card required, NOT a trial, yours for good) website and applying the information you just have learned in merely few minutes.

19. Enable necessary elements on your site.

Besides of great content and Call To Action your site must have elements you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Enable “Comments”. This is your way of two-way communication with your readers and to learn their opinion about your content. Talking to your reader like you will talk in person will help you to build their trust.
  • “About us” page also serves the purpose of showing your face to your audience leading to better trust.
  • “Contact Us” page makes it easier for people to contact you personally without sharing their question or messages in “Comments”.
  • “Privacy Policy” is the necessary element for many vendor sites you may want to partner with in order to make money by offering their products and also helps to gain reader’s trust.
  • “Search” box will become a real necessity when your content grows in volume but enabling it from the beginning is generally a good practice.


This is just a brief description of steps that will help you to make your blog profitable. You can actually start learning how to make money with your blog absolutely FREE without submitting your credit card and begin applying your knowledge right away to your two free websites. I did.

Happy money making!

Thank you for your patience while reading this REALLY LONG article. I hope you have found the information you’ve expected to find and if not- feel free to ask me ANY question in the “Comments” below or in “Contact” section.



14 Comments on “How to write profitable blog content.

  1. Josh

    I have been blogging for 6 months now & just started an e-mail list. I wished I would have done it sooner, but I still have relatively low page visits so I still have plenty of potential for new subscribers as I publish more content.

    All solid tips & you are 110% correct about being patient. I’m excited to see what will happen now that the search engines should be “familiar” with me now.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Josh! Your experience is telling you now that there are no unimportant things in online marketing business. Only following footsteps of people who have already gone their path to success you will achieve your goals rather than looking for “Magic formula” Thank you for sharing your experience. Kirill.

  2. Pj

    Thank you for this very good information on how to make money blogging! You give a well laid plan and think any of us can succeed following this advice…

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, PJ! You’re welcome and I hope that my “blueprint” can serve as a useful reminder to bloggers who just begin to build their online experience. Kirill.

  3. Nichole

    These are all so true! It takes everything that you have listed here in order to have a very successful profitable blog. Procrastination is the worst killer for motivation and progress. The sooner someone gets started the better the site will be over time.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Nicole! So many people have given up their attempts to build their successful business because they couldn’t see positive results for a longer time they have anticipated and on many occasions it was a result of them postponing the main part of online marketing business- publishing their content. NOTHING will happen before the certain amount of it will be published and indexed by Search Engines.
      Thank you for underlining this important aspect of our business.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you! Hopefully, I was able to serve you with some useful tips and also hope you’ll find useful information here again! Kirill.

  4. Alexey

    Hey there it’s Alexey !
    You gave here LOTS of great tips that will help people to create a full time income not only from blogging, but from affiliate marketing as well. Those tips can be useful in many different ways to earn money online. TONS of value from this post, thanks 🙂
    I am an affiliate marketer myself – and I learned a lot here.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Alexey! I’m always so glad when people find a practical use for information I share in my posts! I believe that when I share what I have with others I’m paying back my due for learning information other people have shared before. I wish these tips helped you in growing your successful online business. Kirill.

  5. Julius

    These are some really great tips. If one can apply everything that’s mentioned here, I really think it leads to maximum success. Personally, I still miss some of these in my business ;D

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Julius! Applying everything mentioned in my article takes time. Do not worry- if you have some of these tips already working in your business that means that you’re on the right path and all pieces will fall in place sooner or later. I wish you all the best with achieving all goals you’ve set for yourself. Thank you. Kirill.

  6. Paul

    You have some really good advice here. I especially liked the part about unique content and the way that you put it across. Duplicate content is a no no and exactly as you said “wont get you ranked”. After all ranking a post is the way to generate traffic and make money.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Thank you, Paul, for making a note of it. There are fewer and fewer ways for unscrupulous people to get an advantage of other’s work. You can look for ideas online but the wording in your post must be yours. Besides, it’s giving you a chance to sharpen your skills you can rely on in the long run. I wish you all the best in your business. Kirill.

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