Starting an online business- Don’t miss these important steps.

By   April 4, 2016

Starting an Online business

Many of Online businesses fail to achieve profitable stage because some of the very important steps have been missed at the very beginning. Most people don’t realize the importance of taking these steps in the account or simply regard them as something that will happen by itself. Neglecting to properly implement them often causes a new business to stall and fail.

Creating the right mindset is crucial.

You have probably already heard about the importance of creating the right mindset before starting your business. Chances are, you have heard about it so many time so it has lost its meaning and became an ordinary saying.

However, without creating proper mindset your efforts to build your new business almost certainly are doomed.  It is almost like starting your car trip without filling this car with gas. It won’t take you far.

start an online business

Define your “Why?”

This first step in creating the right mindset is very important. Without clear understanding why do you want to start an online business with wealthy affiliate univesity.start your business you won’t be able to find proper motivation to keep doing this really hard work- building this business to success. Something will be always getting in your way- family errands, work duties, social obligations, new TV series and so on.

The desire to have more money and achieve financial freedom would not really qualify to be the strong “Why”. Money come and go, there
will be never enough, financial freedom has multiple meanings, better life has billions of images, willpower has a tendency to wind off. You just won’t be able to push yourself hard enough to go through hundreds of obstacles.

This “Why” needs to be clear and certain. For someone, it can be the desire to provide for his retired parents. For someone, it can be the desire to quit the job that gets in the way of the lifestyle he is dreaming about. For other it is the possibility to spend more time with his family see his kids growing or being able to help a relative who is sick or in need.

When your motive is not strong enough any new undertaking is going to fail. You can see it around you every day.

Without the strong reason, people fail.

For example- millions of people make a New Year resolution to start going to gym in January.start an online business with wealthy affiliate Only so many of them really getting to the gym doors. Those who started their program are the most enthusiastic and have a strong will. But as the time goes various obstacle begin to arise- the weather is getting too cold, the trip from work took longer than usual, new TV show episode is coming out. The number of people remaining on the program is fading from week to week.

The problem is that they don’t have reason strong enough that would make them overcome these obstacles and keep going to that gym no matter what. But imagine if their life or the life of someone important to them would depend on that. Would they stay on the program then? Most definitely yes.

Or different example- how many people are trying to quit smoking? Millions of people quit smoking only to start again in a week, in a month, and some are starting again even after a year. But when they are really realizing that “Smoking kills” is not just two words they quitting for good.

What has changed? The “Why?” has become different and what had looked like impossible became possible.

Defy your limitations.

Your success in building your business depends on you and you are in charge of making it happened. No one will build your future for you and if you will allow it to fail it definitely will.

Many people are afraid of making the decision to start their business because of the limitations they impose on themselves.

Some will say “I am not smart enough” or “I don’t know how online business work” or “I don’t know anything about computers”. Others will say “These people who have succeeded have qualities I don’t have” or “I was never lucky with anything”. These limitations, like all other limitations, are strictly SELF-IMPOSED.

Nothing makes a person a loser except his/ her own mindset. We can become what we believe in and put our efforts in making it happened. Once you have decided that you want to achieve something the only thing that matters is how much effort you will be spending on it.

You don’t have limitations.

If you think you are not smart enough I can assure you that smart guys are not building onlineObstacles businesses- they all are in rocket science.

If you don’t know online business  principals I can assure you that you don’t need an MBA for that and some of the really successful online entrepreneurs I know don’t even have a college degree.

If you think you don’t have computer skills I can show you how YOU can build a website in a matter of a few minutes absolutely FREE.

To those who say that successful entrepreneurs have something they don’t I can point to the lines in this article I’m talking about their “Why’s”. These people have found their reasons to get out of the comfort zone and begin to work tirelessly every day no matter what people around them would say. They did not expect quick results and were prepared to spend the time to learn things they didn’t know before and implementing what they have learned into their business.

Don’t restrain yourself- take action.

So, the only person who may stop you from achieving your goals, the lifestyle you want, freedom fromMake it happened spending your life building a fortune for someone else is YOU. Every time you are telling yourself “I can’t” you are preventing yourself from changing your life for the better.

If you have decided to start your business you must remember- you will have to start without any delay and work continuously to see results you want to see in the near future. Achieving success in online business takes time and postponing your work will only push it further and further. Many online entrepreneurs quit because month goes after month and expected results are not coming. Each time you postpone your training session or you postpone taking action following this training you are putting your developing business at risk. At some point, if you don’t see results you are waiting for, you will begin to lose your faith and your motivation. Little more time will pass and you will quit like many have done before you. So, please, don’t postpone any necessary action you need to take.

You must throw all junk thoughts like “It is too hard”, “It is going to take too long”, “I need the quick solution” away. If you will keep looking for quick solutions you will find yourself coming back to the same point you have been at so many times you can find your name engraved there. Remember- it is only another excuse not to start working methodically and systematically there will nobody to blame that you don’t have what you believe you deserve.

Do you know what separates looser from the winner? The winner is looking for ways to achieve the goal, looser is looking for an excuse not to look for these ways.

Your most important investment is you.

You can’t achieve success in your business without continuously learning new skills and improving your existing ones. This is the best investment you can make and it will pay you back like no other investment.

There are thousands online programs, paid and free, dedicated to starting an online business and covering various aspects of this type of enterprise. You can spend a lot of time checking them out and you are risking to spend a lot of money on programs that are falling short from delivering results they are promising to you. Before you go on your quest for information let me share  my favorite way to learn and build an online business with you. I have come to it after spending pretty much time and money on various programs and it worth you time to take a look at it.

I wish you all possible success in starting and growing your online business and hope this article has helped you to make a certain decision. I would like to hear your opinion about what you have just read so please share it with me in the “Comments” section below. To your prosperity.

Kirill, the proud member of Wealthy Affiliate University.
Starting your online business with Wealthy Affiliate University.

6 Comments on “Starting an online business- Don’t miss these important steps.

  1. Julius

    You’re very right on this. Setting the right mindset is essential, just as taking action. Taking action is the thing that a lot of people don’t do enough – if you won’t risk, you won’t win.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Julius! This is a good point you’ve made by connecting setting the rigt mindset with the necessity of taking action. One won’t work without the other. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Matt

    I think this is a very important article. So many of us forget about ourselves when we try to start a business and focus on the numbers, the techniques and the skillset. That stuff is all useless if we don’t have the correct mindset to keep moving forward when times are tough.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Matt! concentrating just on skillset won’t work well enough if the spirit behind it is low. Even a great car needs the driver who knows his direction. It is better to take all necessary steps into the account from the start than later go back and correct mistakes. Thank you for making your point.

  3. Roger


    Your article is packed with wisdom, great advice, and inspiration!

    What a great point you make about needing to have a WHY strong enough to overcome obstacles, like a new and exciting episode in a beloved TV series!

    Your point that ALL our limitations are SELF IMPOSED was excellent. My boss taught me the concept of self imposed limitations a ten years ago, and it’s incredible how often those prevent people from achieving their true potential.

    And thanks for making building your own business so exciting by requiring me to continuously learn new skills and improve existing ones. That way I can grow and build momentum and strength to overcome those very obstacles you mentioned earlier!

    Thanks for the inspiring post.


    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Roger! Every great enterprise begins with finding the reason strong enough to lead you through all obstacles occurring on your way. Heck, if Columbus was not motivated well enough hi would give in when his crew began to rumble demanding to turn around.
      My example of the person who defies limitations is Steven Hocking who refused to give up his creative lifestyle and constantly finds new ways to continue working and make thrilling discoveries. After all, the greatest joy in life is setting new goals and achieving them. Thank you for your share!

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