Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid.

By   April 17, 2016

There are millions of people making a niceAffiliate Marketing mistakes to avoid 3 
income with affiliate marketing in the world and quite many of them have become pretty rich.
However, even the greater number of people seeking to start their online business are struggling to see their business to bring them profit in vain. Many of them give up in despair because they make same Affiliate Marketing mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Affiliate Marketing mistakes not only beginners should avoid.

Affiliate marketing mistakes are not limited to the following list, of course. True experience comes with time and hard work. Nevertheless, most of the people starting their online careers tend to repeat same mistakes that are only optional on the way to success. Read it patiently.

  1. Choosing the wrong starting point.

That’s the hard one to avoid. Seriously, how would you know where to start if you are only about to test the water?Affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid 1

Usually, beginners are filled up with the enthusiasm of making big money by using just free email account and website. Why not, they have been told so in $99 (or$199, or $299) program they have signed up for. I know that from my personal experience, I’ve started the same way.

In fact, as with any other important steps in life, this one requires careful and detailed research. Not only you are going to spend your hard earned money but also, you are choosing where to start your new career. Choosing the right ground for your new business foundation is crucial.

Affiliate training market is full of scams and empty promises. Like I’ve mentioned above, I’ve wasted my money and (even worse) my time believing that one more step and money will start flowing into my account at the nice steady pace. You can call it a research, but kind of expensive one.

Fortunately, right before I was going to give up, I’ve found the platform of my choice to start my online business with, the right way- Wealthy Affiliate. I consider it as the reward for my not giving up and taking my losses without blaming anyone, myself included. It happened as the result of my decision to start making real research of who is who on the market and understanding that the shinier the promise the greater chances that it’s an empty one. Check out what Wealthy Affiliate offers you as a part of your research.

2. Dispersing your efforts with many affiliate programs.

While the purpose of any business is to bring the revenue, joining every affiliate program you discover is the wrong thing to do. There are thousands and thousands of them and while multiplying your income sources is the right strategy to choose it must be approached in an orderly manner. Carefully choosing a few reputable programs and working with each of them step by step until they start bringing you a profit make more sense than dispersing your resources between dozens of them and failing to see a single conversion.

3. Not having a website.

An affiliate marketing business can not be successful by relying on promoting products through email lists, social media platforms and paid advertisements.

Your website is an indispensable tool that promotes your affiliate products on your behalf. It creates your unique images in your visitor’s eyes and distinguishes you from legions of online sellers thus establishing your prospect customer’s trust.

It also provides you a single point of application for your cost effective marketing strategy. By attracting visitors looking for quality information your site allows you to present your affiliate products to a large number of prospective customers and converting them loyal customers.

4. Producing low- quality content.

Affiliate marketing mistakes to avoidIn the world of marketing, content is a King. Your prospective customers are coming to your site not to see the shiny advertising offer (they can see them around dozens of times each day) but to find a valuable information about products and services they are interested in. Beside of the value provided it needs to be presented in a way that makes people interested in what they are reading.

Having them to open your page is just a part of marketing work. If they don’t see the value they are looking for it will take them less than a second to click “Back” button in their browsers.

Every marketer should aim to have his readers to become returning visitors who believe that they will find what they are looking for on your site. If the content this marketer provides is irrelevant or old, it is unlikely that his readers will come back for more information and they would not refer anyone to this site.

5. Not running keyword research.

Keyword research factor is crucial in affiliate marketing. Not using proper keyword research is going to cost you a big loss in traffic. By conducting a comprehensive keyword research you will get to understand, what people are actually looking for while searching for products and services you are promoting.

In fact, every page or post composition should begin with keyword research and be built around high- quality keywords. Using these tactics will help to build your page/ post SEO ranks and target specific keywords that will bring targeted traffic to your site.

6. Not researching products and services you promote.Affiliate marketing mistakes 5

When you are promoting a product or a service you are becoming in a sort of way liable for the quality of this product in the eyes of your reader. Therefore, you should take the time to research every product and service you promote to ensure that they are quality products. If you happen to choose low- quality products your visitors will refrain from buying them leaving you without your commissions. And if by any chance or lack of information, they buy it, they will never buy anything at your site and may give you bad referrals.

Building trust with your visitors is the long- term strategy and it is vital for your long- term success. Satisfied customers are not likely to come back to your site but also will refer other people to it, increasing your customers’ list and ultimately- your revenue.

Thus said, it is important that you ensure that everything you are promoting is a high quality. Researching these products will also help you to write well- based and detailed reviews for these products and produce a quality content your readers will be interested to read.

7. Not tracking your sales.

Many affiliate marketers are making this mistake while creating their pages/ posts/ reviews.

When your site visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product and buys the product from a vendor, you are earning your commission. It is very important to know where this commission came from to your account because it allows you to see which pages are converting the best and which worst to correct and scale your campaign strategy, correcting or eliminating poor ones.

Inserting Tracking ID into your affiliate links enables you to track your conversions. Creating these IDs is easy and many affiliate programs provide you with ID creation tool. For those which don’t, I’m using Tracking ID Creation tool provided by Wealthy Affiliate to all its members.

8. Being too”pitchy”.

Of course, making money is the ultimate purpose of affiliate marketing. But the main part of affiliate’s job is not toAffiliate marketing mistakes 4 sell the product. It is the job of vendor’s sales pages affiliate’s link is suppose to take readers to.

Nobody likes pushy salesmen. It’s much easier for your reader to leave pitchy page than for a customer to get up from the chair and leave pushing dealer. Your readers want to get valuable information before they make their decision to buy the product they are researching. That the reason why Amazon reviews are so powerful. Genuine opinions from people who are not gaining or losing anything whether other people buy that product or not are gaining a lot of trusts.

When an affiliate is writing his review in an informative way rather than “Buy, Buy, Buy Now!” manner there are more chances his readers will be willing to commit to buying this product and will come back for an opinion for other product as well.

9. Ignoring SEO.

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s unpaid results”- Wikipedia.

Despite the popular opinion SEO is still an effective internet marketing strategy. Many of latest online marketing advances are made thanks to using SEO. It is constantly evolving and a rather complex method but understanding its basics is important for every online marketer wanting to succeed.

10. Falling a victim to money rush.

It is a natural feature of any living person- to desire the reward ASAP. There is nothing wrong with it. But the truth is that (despite promises you may have heard) affiliate marketing is NOT a quick way to make money. Believing in quick revenue will result in quick disappointment and will lead you to give up your efforts growing your business to a profitable stage.

Affiliate marketing requires consistent and SMART efforts from marketer to build a successful business. Sure there always will be a quicker ways to make money but one should realize that quick ways will never lead to creating a stable and abundant source of income and won’t compare with such in the amount of return.

If you are looking for a quicker way to make money online you better enlist with one of many works- at- home companies, but in most of the cases, their pay results in $10-$15/ hour and will require learning some skills anyway.

11. Making false claims.

You’ve seen it many times yourself. The statement “I’ve made 1M dollars with this!” followed by money making product name or “I’ve lost 50 lbs with this” followed by weight loss product name.

In fact, it’s very rare case when these kind of statements are true. They usually not supported by any facts, like bank statements screenshots or series of pics of that person lost 50 lbs. Don’t engage in these tactics.

Tricking people into your offer may work sometimes but if they will learn that statements you’ve made are false they may return that product and your commission may be recalled. Not only will you lose money and time you’ve spent on creating the false post but you’ll also ruin your credibility.

12. Not building a list.

Building an email list is an important part of affiliate marketing. By building and maintaining an email list you have an opportunity to reach out to your prospective customers repeatedly with new products presentation. It is very effective marketing strategy and contacting people have who already opted-in with product offers maximizes your conversion potentials.

13. Relying on a single source of traffic.Affiliate marketing mistakes 6

To achieve a real success  in online marketing you must diversify your sources of traffic. Sure, an organic traffic is nice and free but it takes quite a long time to acquire it. You should utilize multiple traffic sources, like social media channels, search engines and even paid advertisements. All big names in online marketing are following the logic “The more the better” because traffic means just that- your site visitors and your potential customers.

14. Jumping from one program to another.

This mistake can be very tempting to make. While you work on a project you notice an attractive offer in your inbox or online. It looks very promising and you can resist the temptation to try it. In most of the times, it happens at the cost of lowering your attention to the current project.

This can prevent you from achieving any results at all. Sure, there always be coming into your sight to distract you from completing your work. If you want to try that promising offer take a note of it and come back after your scheduled work is completed to the end. Remember, one project completed to the profitable stage is worth more than 50 started and unfinished ones.

15. Quitting too easily.

An online business requires an integrity and systematic routine work. As with any other business or work, it brings you moments of success and moments of loss. Even seasoned marketers  sometimes struggle to achieve results they expect. If you are not seeing the outcome you’ve been counting on then you should take a moment to re-evaluate the situation. If understanding what went wrong is beyond your comprehension seek advice from more experienced people. Re-organize and continue working. Just don’t quit because you’ve lost hope.

Affiliate Marketing mistakes re-caped.

Affiliate marketing is the business that requires your commitment, self- motivation and focus. It also requires knowledge of trade and products, and engagement with readers . for most of us these are acquired skills. When done right affiliate marketing can be the very profitable way to make money online. But many marketers fail because of making these mistakes you’ve just learned about.

Keep this list of mistakes in your mind when you start the new business or growing the existing one. I hope, avoiding to make them will help you to see your business flourishing rather soon.

Good luck.

Please, let me know what you think about this article and what you would also like to learn about by leaving your comments below.

Thank you.

6 Comments on “Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid.

  1. Jason

    Hey Kirill,

    I agreed with this list of silly mistakes that newbie affiliate marketers make ever so often.

    I remember when I was just starting out back in 2014 that I was so excited and eager to get started.

    I immediately started promoting goods and services and not focusing on quality content.

    I have now learned how to be better at affiliate marketing by getting the real training from the same place that you got your training.

    I can honestly say that without discovering wealthy affiliate, I wouldn’t be able to fully understand how this making money online thing works.

    I enjoyed your post thoroughly and will be looking out for more of your work.


    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Jason! Can we say you’re the living proof that these mistakes are very common and can easily be avoided if one is aware of steps that should be avoided to make?
      It’s always nice to meet someone gone through Wealthy Affiliate training. Hope your experience you’ve acquired there works out well for you.
      Best of luck with your online business.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Kirill.

  2. Emma

    These are all fantastic points Kirill! I also believe that if people are going to try to convince you to buy a product, they should have had some experience with that product or have brought in in the past. This enhances the buyers trust, that you have tried something out and can say that it really works. With hard work comes results! This article outlines it perfectly.

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Emma! The key point to success is the hard work (unless you’re lucky to hit the jackpot :)). I was looking for quickie myself until I’ve realized that I’m wasting my time. Know what you’re doing, know your products and your business will pay you nicely.
      Thank you for your opinion.

  3. Eric Estrella

    Hi kirill

    I agreed in every mistake that you mentioned here in your article. That’s are all true, a simple mistake can become a big problem until you quitting. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer you need to start nice and slowly. Focus to your audience, nice keywords and specially as much a possible a perfect content. I really enjoyed reading you’re article Kirill and I learned so much.

    Thank you for all the information that you shared with us Kirill!


    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Eric,
      No one is proven from making mistakes. Some marketers I’ve spoken to admitted that their mistakes sometimes costed them rather big losses in already established business. But having your list of most common mistakes will help the beginner to rich their initial goals more or less painlessly. Good luck with your online business.
      Thank you.

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