What E-Mail Marketing Platform Is Right For You? Mail Chimp review.

By   May 26, 2016

Mail Chimp review


Mail Chimp is an email marketing solution that allows you to create an email list of your customers, partners, and prospects and reaches out to them via distribution of scheduled emails to develop relationships with them and build a customer- oriented marketing campaign. Read my Mail Chimp review and learn how it can help you to grow your business.

What Mail Chimp does?

Mail Chimp allows you to:

  • Create, import, and host email lists;
  • Create email newsletters to be sent to your subscribers;
  • Automatically send emails to your subscribers using autoresponder feature;
  • Monitor and analyse results of your campaign;

Mail Chimp plans.

Mail Chimp provides you with three basic plans with several levels within.

These plans are:Mail Chimp review 3

  • “Getting Started” plan- completely free;
  • “Growing Business”;
  • “Pro Marketer”.

The free Getting Started plan is one of the main Mail Chimp advantages. It enables you to host the list with up to 2000 subscribers and send up to 12000 emails per month. The main disadvantage of the Getting Started plan is the lack of the autoresponder- the crucial email marketing feature that seriously downgrades your campaign functionality.

Growing Business and Pro plan are priced similarly with the difference that you have to pay a separate fee for a Pro:

  • Up to 1000 contacts              $15/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 2500                           $30/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 5000                           $50/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 10000                         $75/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 25000                         $150/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 50000                         $240/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);
  • Up to 100000                       $475/mo GB and Pro (+$199 Pro subscription);

One thing that makes Mail Chimp pricing more attractive for beginners is that they allow narrowing pricing brackets within main tiers. For example, hosting from 5001 to 5200 subscribers list will cost you $55 and hosting from 5201 to 5400 will cost $60. You can check these sub- tier brackets using Mail Chimp’s price calculator.

Mail Chimp’s User Interface.Mail Chimp review 5

Mail Chimp’s User Interface is a perfect example of VERY plain look. Large font letters on a white background are used in menu entries, data, and lists. It gives the user interface a clean look but makes a lot of entries positioned out of visible screen area making you scroll a lot while searching for necessary information.

Overall it is pretty easy to use and learn. I myself has gotten used to the more traditional type of user interface with more functionalities placed in one place with drop- down selection lists, but someone more open- minded than me will probably find it attractive. After all, the user’s interface is not most crucial tool’s feature when other features provide the functionality you expect from this tool.

Mail Chimp’s main features.

Mail Chimp provides you with a plethora of useful features.


The autoresponder is the set of email newsletters that are automatically sent to your subscribers at predetermined intervals.

It is usually set up to send your subscriber a welcome message right after they opt- in for your email list and a day or two later they would receive your product or a service you’ve promised to them. Then, in a couple of days, they would receive your update on products that you have to offer to them, an invitation to follow your company on Social Media channels, a new blog post feed, or any other kind of communication from you. The purpose of it is to keep in touch with your subscribers and convert them to customers by providing useful and interesting information about your products and services.

The main benefit of autoresponder’ feature is that most all this work happens automatically, once it’s been properly set up.

Mail Chimp’s autoresponder provides outstanding functionality. You can set- up an action- based autoresponder, based on user’s action, like subscribing to your newsletter or news feed, time- based function, with emails to be sent at the predetermined time intervals, or data- based- when subscriber makes a purchase and being moved from “Subscribers” list to a “Customers” database.

Among function triggers are opt- ins, emails opened, click- through, purchase, visited URL’s, data change, and others.

To my opinion, the autoresponder is one of the most important emails marketing features and Mail Chimp does a great job providing its users with one of the best autoresponders on the market.

Email creation.Mail Chimp review 4

Mail Chimp’s editor allows you to create emails using drag and drop method. It enables you to combine text and images in various designs without having to learn HTML or Java. the entire process is pretty much straightforward and doesn’t take much time to master the skill.

Mail Chimp provides you with a variety of templates that can be used as- is, without any customization. On the other hand, these templates are highly customizable and you can adjust them to your need if you want to.

Al templates provided have a responsive design, meaning that they will automatically adjust to be displayed on mobile platforms.

If you have some programming skills and don’t like none of those templates provided, you can create your own HTML templates.

Split testing.

Split testing is another very important feature for an email marketing service. It allows you to test different versions of emails on a limited number of subscribers before sending it out to the rest of your list. The main purpose of split testing is to find the version that triggers most responses, like open rate and clicks- through.

With a split testing feature, Mail Chimp fall a little bit behind its competitors, like GetResponse. You are able to test only three different versions of email and it limits the range of your choices. However, this difference becomes significant only for users with relatively large mail lists.

Analytics and reporting.mail chimp review 2

To properly manage and grow your campaign you need to collect and analyze performance data.

Mail Chimp provides you with robust reporting and analyzing feature. You can track all important parameters, like:

  • Open rate;
  • Click through;
  • Bounce rate ;
  • subscribes;  
  • Unsubscribe;
  • Complaints;
  • One click segmentation;
  • Metrics over time;
  • Member rating;
  • Conversation tracking.

Integration with other services.

Mail Chimp allows you to integrate it with a lot of other services, like Facebook, PayPal, Squarespace, Shopify and many others. You will need to check the service’s exhaustive list  but the range of integrable services is wide.

Integration is often used to add a signup form to a website. It is done by getting a code from the form you create and embed it with a website. Pop-up forms are also available.


Mail Chimp support relies on self- service to address most customers questions. There is a plethora of tutorials, guides and knowledge bases in addition to email support contact. These help materials are very helpful and straightforward. If you are not finding an answer there, then email to support is your next move. There is no phone support available.

Mail Chimp recapped.

Mail Chimp is providing its customers with outstanding features. But there is no perfect service in this world and every service has its own “Pros” and “Cons”.

Mail Chimp Pros.

  • Free two-week trial available;
  • Flexible pricing schedule;
  • Free plan available;
  • Great autoresponder and reporting features;
  • Split testing;
  • Well- crafted responsive templates;
  • Modern interface.

Mail Chimp Cons.

  • No landing page creation available;
  • Split testing functionality is shorter than competitors;
  • Emai templates are good but not outstanding;
  • The User Interface may look strange to those got used to traditional interface design.

Mail Chimp review conclusion.

All in all, mail Chimp provides you a great email marketing tool. It is easy to setup and to use. For a small business looking to start an email marketing, it is a good choice, allowing to start with a least of efforts. Try Mail Chimp FREE for two weeks, no credit card information required.

I hope you find useful information in this Mail Chimp review. Share your opinion  on email marketing platforms and ask your questions in the “Comments” section below this article. Thank you.

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  1. Dan

    Brilliant, I’ve been looking for an email platform to set up for my website. This looks great, how do you think it compares with the competition? I like the idea of the sliding scale for fees and the analytics side. The auto responder will make life a lot easier too. Thanks for a great review.

  2. jmario

    Excellent post. Great information provided for those who are thinking about starting an online business. I like your review about mail chimp, I wasn’t aware of this email marketing tool .

    thanks for sharing

    1. Kirill Post author

      My pleasure. I’m glad you’ve got a chance to replenish your toolbox. It’s especially useful for it offers a free version.

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