What Is Evergreen Content?

By   April 10, 2016

How to improve SEO and boost your conversions with Evergreen Content.What is Evergreen Content?

What is Evergreen Content and how it can improve your SEO and boost your conversion rate? How to find ideas for Evergreen Content? How is writing EGC is different from writing a blog post? How to form a long term SEO strategy?

Read this article to the end and I will give you my special bonus- the suggested list of evergreen niches :).

Evergreen content is the type of content that remains relevant to people searching for information online and doesn’t disappear from SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). It doesn’t lose its relevance even after a long time past its publication. Because of that, it continues to deliver a high traffic volume to the website.

Evergreen content usually is “stronger” than a regular content of blog posts and it’s got the potential to grow stronger over the time (given the fact that it’s properly maintained and updated).

There are certain types of content would not become evergreen:

  • Date specific material, like holidays and events. No matter how high emotions around 2016 Presidential elections are, very few people would be searching for this term in the next year;
  • Latest technology trends. As new technology advances trends what are hot today will give their place to tomorrow’s ones;
  • Current fashion trends. The reason is the same as above;
  • New product reviews. Nobody is searching for IPhone  review 5 today;
  • Any material that can come out of date, like seasonal news and trend articles.

Evergreen content is not affected by all listed factors and retains its value for a long time.

What types of content can become Evergreen?

Usually, any type of training or tutorials CAN (it doesn’t mean- necessary will) become evergreen. Questions like “How to check my website ranking?” or “How to calm crying babies?” will be asked again and again and if the article is being updated it is not going to lose its relevance and SERP rank.

Anything that falls into categories listed below may become evergreen:

  • Basic skills tips. Subjects like “How to start campfire”, “How to clean stains without chemicals”, and “How to smoke fish” will not go out of date;
  • In-depth product reviews. Article comparing different types (not models) of TV’s can live if not forever then for a quite long time;
  • Case studies. This type of content doesn’t sound evergreen but it works pretty well. Many well-known publishers write case studies and other researchers use them and provide backlinks to this content thus improving its ranking value;
  • Training and tutorials;
  • Scientific facts and methods-based materials. Articles about different kinds of pets, supported by scientific facts, will last long past it publishing date.

Basically, evergreen content fits into formats that are answering questions “Why”, “Where”, “What”, “Who”, “When”, and “How”.

“How to promote a website?”What is Evergreen content 3

“When is the best time to publish a blog?”

“What is content marketing?”

“Why do babies cry?”

“Who can file bankruptcy?

Obviously, there is no guarantee that following these guidelines will make your content evergreen but it’s been noted that most of existing EGC match some of the above descriptions.

Supporting your written content with videos can improve its efficiency dramatically. Illustrating your instructions on starting a campfire or making a birdhouse tutorial will help to grow your article’s popularity.

Researching for evergreen ideas.

While looking for ideas for your future evergreen article you may experience the feeling that all possible topics  have already been covered by thousands of authors. This feeling should not discourage you from proceeding with your plans. The truth is- no matter how many people have cars people will continue to buy new cars every year. It means that you must be prepared to run an extensive research for your topic ideas.

You can always find your spot in the top lines of SERP by highlighting certain aspects of your topic that used to be out of focus. This approach requires a longer research but your goal of creating long-lasting content justifies the time spent. Compared to a few hours spent on creating a regular blog post which will typically last in ranking for several weeks spending several days (or, even more) on compiling an article that will represent you in SERP for several years definitely makes sense.

Another conclusion that you can make from the fact that there is a lot of information on your topic already on the Net is that your point of view on the selected topic should be as unique as possible.  If there is a number of articles and tutorials on how to start a campfire you can focus your article on how to start a campfire during rain or during winter.

This will bring you to the realization of long tail keywords importance. Adding additional criteria to your search term ( like adding “fast” to “how to start a campfire” allows you to concentrate your article highlights on aspects that might have been out of focus before. The use of keyword research tools may help you save your hustles:

what is evergreen content 1


What is evergreen content 2

In this Jaaxy search analysis:

  • Avg means the average number of searches for this exact particular keyword combination for 30 day period;
  • Traffic means the approximate number of visitors your site will get if it will rank to the first page in search engine results, the higher the better;
  • QSR means the number of competing sites ranking for the same exact keyword phrase on the Internet, the lower the better;
  • SEO means keyword SEO score based on traffic and competition, the higher the better.

You can read What is keyword research for SEO to learn about using keyword research tools in the more detailed article.

Use web resources selectively for your ideas research. Use websites that are evergreen already:





These sites and similar to them are publishing a lot of evergreen content and you can always find examples of this type of content and an inspiration there.

How to write Evergreen Content.

Writing guidelines of EGC are somewhat different from those for writing regular content.What is evergreen content 4

EGC is usually more in-depth and detailed than a regular blog post. There’s no surprise in that. The more valuable information people can get from the single article the more chances they will refer to this article again.  Named qualities make article longer which, in its turn, improves article’s SEO ranking.

As it’s already been mentioned the big part of the evergreen content is tutorial or training-type articles. Authors writing this type of content should take to their consideration its certain specifics.

Training and tutorials are different from regular blog post type of content in the way that they are supposed to be based on known facts rather than on writer’s opinion. There are certain exceptions to this rule, of course.

If you write a tutorial or training based on your own method or for your own product you are definitely an authority. But in this case, make sure you are supporting it by referring to well-known basics to convince your readers in your literacy in  the topic you are covering.

The advantage of tutorial format is the relatively low competition. The number of training on every given subject is significantly lower than the number of reviews and you are standing much better chances of gaining your reader’s trust.

Do not write for experts. Most of your readers will be people without much of expertise in your topic and talking to them like you would to a commission of experts using language hard to understand for ordinary people. It will make them confused and bored and they will click away. Make the value you are providing sound interesting and people will love it.

What is a long term SEO strategy for EGC?

While creating a blog post SEO strategy is usually focused on getting your content ranked ASAP, the strategy to get EGC ranked consists of ensuring its longevity although some aspects are similar for both types of content.

While you are composing your article you are aiming to make evergreen make sure it:

  • Has a quality content. It is the content value that makes it evergreen at the first place;
  • Includes appropriate H1, H2 and H3 headings. Search engines love properly formatted articles and rank them higher;
  • Includes, at least, one inbound link. Use your other articles or web resources to refer to your EGC-to- become- it allows to start building your page authority;
  • Includes, at least, one outbound link. These days search engines love to see references to other web resources no less than they love to see references to your article from outside. Just make sure that resources you are referring to are reputable sites (Wiki is a good example) because references to ill-established resources will only harm you. Also, provide links to and from this article within your website;
  • Formatted in easy to read way- avoid composing long paragraphs and long chapters. Break each point you are describing in smaller pieces making it easier to understand for your not so experienced readers;
  • Highlights important words and phrases by capitalizing them, underlining or using bold text;
  • Includes images. Images make your content look fresher, “evergreener”, forgive me this pun;
  • Includes good Call To Action. Whether it is an offer for a product you are writing about or subscription for your e-book or newsletter- you need to give your readers a hint on what kind of action you are expecting them to take. The ultimate goal of creating EGC is to monetize it and CTA is the important tool monetizing process.

After you publish your article there are important steps you must make to ensure that process of ranking it goes on.

  • Continue creating more links to your article. This is an important part of building page authority process. The higher its page authority the more visible it becomes. High page authority will provide high rank in SERPs for time to come;
  • Share your content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, forums that are related to your topic. It will provide an initial reader’s engagement which is especially important considering that your keywords can have rather high competition;
  • Create a video to supplement your tutorial video in less instructional format. Share it on Youtube and provide a link to your tutorial;
  • Create an infographic presentation of your article’s data. Visual presentation and data visualization affect your readers comprehension drastically and enhance article’s popularity.

Any possible way to advertise your content will be beneficial. One of the techniques that proved its efficiency is guest blogging. By creating blog posts relevant to your evergreen article on other sites you have an excellent chance to promote your content. There are many reputable sites that accept guest posting so you won’t ever run out of choices.

Keep your evergreen content updated.

The ultimate purpose of the evergreen article is to provide a valuable information for your readers that would retain its value for a long time. Unfortunately, there are very few subjects you can write about stay topical over a long period of time without your attention and maintenance.

For example, you have created an excellent article on “Best SEO practices” that became very popular and provides you with tons of conversions. But after few years, techniques that were popular on the date you’ve published it (for example- keyword stuffing or link farms) are not working anymore and even becoming counterproductive. In 2010, both Google and Bing have accepted the significance of social media signals. Keeping your training unchanged after significant search engine algorithm enhancements will result in losing its relevance and ending up at the far side of Internet graveyard.

To prove your evergreen content longevity and possibly immortality even strongest content needs to be checked from time to time. By updating technology- related facts, checking included links if all of them are still live and adding new links and pieces to content should be done every few months or so.

Bonus part- evergreen niches suggestion.

Not only the content can be evergreen but entire niches as well. The reason for that is that there are certain topics that will always attract people’s attention. These very broad niches have thousands of sub-niches that will never have a shortage of people looking for products and services to these evergreen niches. Here are three most popular Evergreen niches:


Think of millions and millions of people looking for products and services that would allow them to achieve a healthier body and lifestyle. Even changing a lifestyle alone can open you niches you would not think about before like Vaporizers for people who what to give up smoking.

When you narrow down possible sub niches top the bottom you will find plenty of them that will bring you big profit. Narrowing niche down must be done as far as possible and at the very beginning. Starting your niche narrow will allow you to grow it to a broader niche as your site matures and ensure that you will never run out of content ideas.

Here are just a few examples you can focus your Health niche site on:

Fresh Juicing; Water Purifiers; Air purifiers;Fish Oil; Gluten Free Foods; Nicotine patches.

Money Making.

There always will be plenty of people in need to make money. Sub-niches in Money Making niche are countless. A few examples of such niches are:

Affiliate Marketing; Multi- Level Marketing; Online Auctions; Freelance Content Writing; Forex Trading;

Romance and relationships.

Although this niche is not as big as first two niches  there are still many people looking for help and advice in it. Men and women are trying to understand the opposite side for thousands of years and often other person’s opinion on particular romantic or relationship situation helps them to find the way to resolve the situation at hand.

Finding ideas for romance niche is quite easy- TV programs are full of commercials for different dating sites like eHarmony, OkCupid or Match. But this niche offers the much greater selection for sub niches than just dating. Think of all other things that are associated with expressing your feelings for someone.

Some examples of these possible topics are:

Romantic Getaway; Relationship counseling; Perfume/ Cologne/ Jewelry; Dating tips; Romantic Cruises and so on.


Creating evergreen content triggers the mindset that can totally change your approach to digital marketing. By aiming to make your content evergreen you will allow yourself to spend an extra time to give it high quality and make it available to your audience in broad. This will do a great job on improving your site’s both authority within the organic search ranking and recognition as industry leading source of information.

Just remember- it will require proper maintenance anyway. Every evergreen plant needs to be watered from time to time, right?

Thank you for your patience and for reading this really long article.

Please let me know your opinion on it and any suggestions you may have by leaving your comments below.

Stay tuned for new articles.

6 Comments on “What Is Evergreen Content?

  1. Sue Lee

    I am sure this post will be an evergreen post. I learned a great deal more about evergreen content here. I only had a vague idea in the past about evergreen topics but had no idea how indepth you should really get in order for your material to remain relevant. I had that in mind when I chose my own niche site, I have to admit. But I think up until now, my content may not have been quite up to snuff!

    I do have one question though, how often do you need to go back and update older content to keep the search engines happy?

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Sue! I’m glad I was able to highlight important aspects of this topic. The idea of creating evergreen content interested me for a while so I’ve started my research on it. This article is the result of this research. Hopefully, it will remain relevant long enough to attract my readers attention and help me to create a valuable content.
      As to your question how often you should revisit and update your content, it really depends on your topic. Some topics (where changes occur more frequently) need more attention, some less. I would say that on the initial stage when you begin to build links and promote your content, you may want to revisit it once every few weeks, adding up pictures, links and making certain additions to help your SEO ranks to improve and later on, when it will become well ranked, you may check on it once in a few months, correcting broken links and making necessary changes to keep search engines happy. Thank you for reading it.

  2. Roger


    Excellent post! I love the concept of “Evergreen” content. So thank you for so clearly explaining exactly what Evergreen is, how to create it, and why it is so valuable going forward.

    Clearly creating content that people wish to read for years (rather than days or even weeks) is certainly a better investment of my time and effort. AND, of course, I become more knowledgable myself, since the information I am learning and sharing is not just for today, but for “the ages.”

    With all the emphasis on Social Media, writing immediately on trending topics, your article is a refreshing take on why we are better off focusing on more durable topics.



    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Robert! Yes, creating the evergreen article is a great investment of your publisher’s efforts and it allows you to become the recognized expert in your market niche. Thank you for summarizing it in such short and good way.
      At the same time relying on evergreen content only and avoiding hot topics will harm your site dynamics because the way evergreen content gains popularity is somewhat slower than trending content. The best way is to keep the balance between these two types of content.
      Thank you for your attention to it.

  3. Derek

    Great post.

    I have never even heard of evergreen content until now. And I can definitely see the benefits it has over just writing regular day to day content. I like how you explained the as long as they involve those questions, of who, where, when, etc. it can lead to be evergreen content.

    Thanks for the read!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Derek! You’re not the only person who didn’t hear about this conception. It’s usually experienced online marketers who are concerned about implementing this strategy but my perception is that any publisher will benefit even from aiming to create EGC because it encourages them to concentrate on content quality and learning various aspects of SEO in depth.
      Thank you for reading my post and sharing your opinion.

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