What is keyword research for SEO- How to select best keywords for your campaign.

By   March 25, 2016

what is keyword research for seoKeyword research for SEO is the process of finding the most relevant and favored search terms for your website to provide you with a high amount of organic traffic. Selecting the most popular keywords is one of the most important marketing strategies and all online marketers should work continuously on perfecting this skill.

What the keyword research for SEO is, what steps it includes, why you keywords and site content relevance are crucial, how types of keywords affect your conversion potentials, why do you need to know it and how to make your keyword research work we will review in this article step by step.

How to select keywords for SEO.what is keyword research for seo

The purpose of keyword research for SEO is to find
a lot of search terms that are highly relevant but
may not be obviously related to the initial keywords.

Many online marketing newbies are following the same strategy:

  • They pick a niche;
  • Choose a niche keyword and enter it into the search;
  • Select results that seem to be similar;
  • Build their content around these terms.

This strategy usually fails and many newbies give up after a period of time.

In fact, they are missing the essential part of keyword research strategy- they build their marketing strategy on their belief what keywords are the best rather than on understanding what search terms their customers are actually using.

Keyword research process can be divided into three steps.

Step 1. Brainstorm.

how to select keywords for seoCompose the list of all products and/ or services you have to offer to your audience. Think of these products from your potential customers’ point of view- what problem they are supposed to solve for them? What qualities are they looking for?

What categories can these qualities be divided into? These can be the Brand, the Specs, the Price, the Deals and possibly much more. If it’s a TV- is it wall mountable? Is it on sale? Or is it the newest model? Select keywords for each category.

Compile the list of keywords for each category for further review.

Step 2. Discover additional search terms.

Leveraging the great resources of the Internet discover additional search terms used online that are related to your product. You can use blogosphere tag, online forum conversations, and competing websites to find new ideas. Do not exclude synonyms, abbreviations, and lingo. Sometimes the keyword phrase you wouldn’t think about can become one of the hottest search terms.

Use keyword research tools to analyze the popularity on each of these search terms.

what is keyword research for seo


As you can see in the first column Avg the numbers of searches for a particular keyword phrase for the past month are shown. The difference in results for very similar keywords “Led TV for sale” and “Led TVs for sale” is more than ten times- 760 vs. 9025!

By the way- in the last column “Related” there are suggestions for related keyword combinations. This is to make your research easier :).

Step 3. Analyze your results along with external factors for the final list.

At this step you should include the additional factors into your analysis, such as:

  • Competition level;
  • Traffic potentials;
  • SEO score;
  • Conversion potentials;
  • Site content.

what is keyword research for seo

As it was mentioned above, Avg represents the average number of searches in a month.

The Competition level is shown in QSR column (Quoted Search Results) and means the number of sites using the exact keyword combination. You can see that “Led TVs on sale” have lower QSR than the similar “for sale”, making it preferable search term.

It is a good practice to select keywords with lower competition level which makes it easier to achieve higher SEO ranking.

Traffic column shows you the approximate number of visits your site will get organically if it will rank to the first page of search engine.

SEO column shows you the keyword SEO score (not the rank!) based on traffic and competition on the scale 1-100. The higher the score- the more chances you will rank for this keyword on the first page.

I love Jaaxy for its great potentials. As you can see from the screenshot it will help you to brainstorm keyword ideas, assist you with using the “Alphabet Soup” technique, provide you with Search Analysis and even will show your site’s rank.

Read my full Jaaxy review and learn how you can get an unlimited use of this premium keyword tool absolutely FREE.

Conversion potentials.

While running your keyword research for SEO purposes don’t you forget another quality of keyword- conversion potentials. Do you know that different keyword types serve different actions and target different audience? Well, they do.

  • Audience keywords.

what is keyword research for seoThese are keywords people are using at the earliest stage of their research. For example, someone has decided to get a hobby and wants to learn about outdoor activities and you are in the fishing equipment business.

At this point, they are looking for articles describing pros and cons of various activities and you can catch their attention by writing about the health benefits of fresh air from the sea, the excitement of catching a great fish, benefits of freshly caught fish and much more befits of fishing. Keywords of this type would be “fishing health benefits”, “freshwater fishing”, “saltwater fishing” and countless.

At this stage, people are far from the decision to start fishing and you can only help them to make one.

  • Research keywords.

These are keywords people who decided to start fishing are using in their research. They want to learn what types of fishing are and what kind of equipment they will need to get.

Keywords they are using now are like “What is saltwater fishing gear”, “Freshwater fishing equipment”, “Ice fishing equipment”.

They are still pretty far from buying and thus from conversion.

  • Product keywords.

These are keywords people who already decided what they need are using in their research. For example, they want to know the difference between fiberglass fishing rods and carbon- fiber fishing rods, types of reels and different brands comparison.

They will use keywords “Best surf spinning rod”, “Inshore spinning rods”, “Spincast reels”, “Baitcasting reel” and others.

These people are at their finishing research stage and are very close to committing to buying.

  • Brand keywords.

These keywords are used by people who completed their research and looking for a particular product to buy. They are using keywords like “Discounted surf spinning rods”, “Shimano Tallus Blue Water EC Series Spinning Rod on sale”, “Buy Penn Rampage Jig Spinning Rod online”.

These keywords are providing the highest level of conversion and taking you as close to your money as possible.

Site content.

what is keyword research for seoSite content is another important part of your online success you can’t overlook researching keywords for SEO. In fact, your content is the MOST important of it.

Your content is your value you are providing people with and it is what provides your site with a high ranking in the long term. So your search terms must be relevant what are you writing about.

You can find a killer keyword and get ranked on the first page of Search Engine but if people who will click on your link won’t see what they were actually looking for they will leave your page immediately. Your visitors are always only one click away from leaving your site and you should remember it.

There is another reason to keep your search terms relevant to your content. Search Engines are getting smarter by the day and will find this irrelevance very fast and your page will not get ranked at all. And if they find a consistency in your SEO keyword strategy your site may get banned from ranking for good.


I hope I was able to explain what keyword research process for SEO is in a comprehensible way. It is in a way different from keyword research for Amazon or EBay but it follows the certain logic and should be run step by step. One of the things it requires from you is to not get fixed on the set of terms you may believe are relevant to your niche and dedicate your time to vast research and analysis.

If you find this article interesting or useful or have any questions about keyword research or tools please leave a comment in the box bellow and I will return to you quickly.

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  1. Stephanie

    Hi Kirill. This article has been very useful to me, and very interesting to read. I feel I understand the process of keyword research much better now. This Jaaxy tool looks interesting. Is it a free tool? Thanks!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Stephanie! I’m glad I was able to make this article useful. This is a quite complicated topic and it’s hard to separate really complex techniques from ones that are not involving the expertise of seasoned professionals.
      the Jaaxy is a paid subscription for $19/month but they are offering a free trial and you don’t have to provide your credit card information for that.
      Thank you. Hope your keyword research will become easier now. Kirill.

  2. Anna

    Very helpful article, thanks for posting! I started using Jaaxy two weeks ago and I have to agree – it’s an amazing tool especially for someone like me, always struggling with right keywords. I look forward to more articles!

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Anna! Glad my article can help you with your keyword research. I will continue posting on this topic. Stay tuned!
      Thank you. Kirill.

  3. Marc Parsons

    Hey Kirill

    Great post on Keyword research for SEO! You have left some fantastic tips for choosing a niche.

    I have personally used Jaaxy for around 9 months now and it has been absolutely key to my success with driving traffic to my website from Google.

    One of the greatest tools in Jaaxy for me is being able to spy on my competitors bey searching for keywords from their URL’s.

    If they are ranking for a keyword and I have already out ranked them before, then I know it’s going to be like taking candy from a baby for the most part 😉

    Keep up the awesome work!


    Marc Parsons

    1. Kirill Post author

      Hi, Marc! You are absolutely right that Jaaxy’s got a lot of potentials to help you to improve your SEO ranking.
      Thank you for your opinion. Kirill.

    1. Kirill Post author

      With Artificial Intelligence developing ever faster the real human approach is still playing an important part in online business.

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