What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

By   January 21, 2016

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Programs For Beginners?- Read My Review.

You have heard about people, making Big Money on the Internet so many times, that it is, probably, beginning to raise your doubts- it can’t be so? If people are making this kind of money with Affiliate Marketing, then it must be quite simple? And, if it is simple, why no one I know is not making it? I was asking myself these questions too.

There may not be any Internet Millionaire among my close friends, but the names of Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, David Wood and Chris Jones are not the cartoon characters names and you can find tons of information about them and other Internet Marketers.

The fact, that Online Entrepreneurs, making 6-7 figure income, are making up about 1-2% of the Internet Marketers community, should not scare away anyone, who is ready to start Online business. Because it takes the time and intensive training to reach  the success in the Online business a lot of people are giving up on growing their businesses and quit.

The most crucial thing, that will ensure your longevity as an Internet Entrepreneur, is the effective initial training that will allow you to get REAL results way before the thought of desertion will come close to your mind.


The following is the Best Affiliate Training Programs in 2016 review.


#1. Wealthy Affiliate University.Become a Super Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate University is considered the top Affiliate Training Program by most of the reviewers. Grown to over 450,000 member community in ten years it champions with tons of exciting and innovative features, up-to-date training, and tools and solid community support.

The Wealthy Affiliate University’s training strategy is based on a vast collection of live training modules and a huge catalog of training materials. Their constantly updated sessions include Basic Affiliate training, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training, website building, and optimization, niche research, Social Media marketing, E-mail marketing, article marketing guiding and much more. With almost 1000 step-by-step tutorials and video materials, there is virtually no aspect of Online Marketing remains uncovered by this training program. WA members can choose what level of training (beginner, intermediate or advanced) they want to take depending on their personal experience level. Combine it with 50 FREE WordPress websites with e-mail accounts, hosted by WA and you will find yourself looking at the well-oiled money-making machine.

The best part of WA training is the level of personal support that every member receives along with the training process as long as on the way of developing their businesses from both WA staff and community members, sharing the latest Online Marketing techniques.

Wealthy Affiliate University offers two types of membership- Free and Premium. The Free membership, also called Starter Membership, provides new member with a full access to all WA resources, like tools and communication options for 7 days and extends indefinitely with limited access to resources after that. The Premium membership costs $47/ monthly or $359/ annually, which breaks up to $29.90 per month. It is not the cheapest membership in town, but considering the 10 years of great reputation and an unsurpassed level of training and support I consider it the top Affiliate Training program available in 2016.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate University here.


#2. AffiloBluePrint.affilorama

Affilorama provides its 150000-strong community members with a great collection of training courses, tools, features and software that can help a newbie to become an affiliate marketing specialist. It offers great, easy-to-follow training resources that will show a member how to convert their newly acquired skills into solid online income.

Affilorama offers over 100 hours of video training sessions which will provide them with must-to-know information needed to build a successful online business and nice revenue. Altogether there are hundreds and hundreds of dollars- worth of tools, software and training available for both newbies and experienced marketers.

Affilorama splits its training into two categories- AffiloBluePrint and AffiloJetPack. While AffiloBluePrint offers a great collection of video tutorials, training, and instructions, that will show how to start an Online Business from building a website and growing it into the revenue-making machine, the AffiloJetPack is posed to be considered as a “Business-out-of-the-box” system. Although the main chunk of work is always must be done by you personally, AfilloJetPack provides you with a list of most profitable niches, content-creating “cheat-sheets”, 5 WordPress based websites, 90 e-mails to be sent to your prospects, 3 free give-away reports and 60 days money back policy.

AfilloBluePrint cost is $197 and AfilloJetPack course costs $997 which makes it a bit expensive for someone who is just decided to test the waters of Affiliate Marketing, but applied with real determination, it can provide the return on the investment in reasonable time.


#3. Chris Farrell Membership.Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell has created an Affiliate Marketing Training program that helps you to build a solid foundation for your online business to be built on. His program guides you step-by-step to understand the essence of the affiliate marketing and how you can benefit from it.

Chris Farrell membership provides you with done-for-you websites, great support and step-by-step video training. This program requires no previous experience on you side and teaches you proven techniques for money-making. It also gives you an access to helpful and motivating forums and people you can ask your question to get correct answers. Chris Farrell Money Making labs allow you to discuss best business strategies, traffic generation, product development and a lot of your business-related issues.

The course is offering 7 days trial for $4.95 and will cost you $37 per month if you decide to continue. This is very reasonable price considering the price for other programs on the market.

#4. Empower Network/ IPAS. Empower Network/ IPAS

In 2015 Empower Networks and IPAS have merged their business after many years of collaboration under Empower Networks name. David Wood, the founder of Empower Networks, and Chris Jones, the founder of IPAS, achieved great results in building one of the largest and dynamic Internet Marketing Company.

Empower Networks/ IPAS business strategy is built around the idea of helping its members at every step of the business process from the training to promoting it using their own resources, making it as easy for their members as possible and can be regarded as another example of “Business-out-of-the-box”.

The Empower Networks/ IPAS training process consists of hundreds and hundreds of hours of video tutorials, live training sessions, 7 Live Webinars every week, IPAS Web TV, which will walk you by-hand step-by-step all the way from the beginning to building your own residual wealth-building network of affiliates. These detailed tutorials are covering all aspects of Internet Marketing including building and optimizing your website, SEO, content creation, Social Media marketing, traffic generation strategies, e-mail marketing and lots more.

Empower Network’s Kalatu blogging system is based on WordPress platform and is pre-loaded with themes and plug-ins you may need from the beginning to create a money-making website. All members are entitled with at least 3 sites, optimized for content-based marketing.

Empower Network membership cost varies widely starting with $25 per month for Kalatu Basic account and $19.95 for Affiliate program ($45 per month, if you decide to become their affiliate). There is no free trial option but you will get a 30-day money back guarantee. The other Empower Networks/ IPAS membership levels are basing on the idea of product ownership in order to be able to re-sell it and is coming up to quite high numbers. The levels of training also depend on membership levels so the more you pay- the more you train. After all, you can get quite a substantial training with a Basic membership, but the limitations are obvious.

With a lot of training materials available and opportunity to raise great commissions Empower Networks/ IPAS Affiliate Training Program is deserving to be rated very high but the program’s rising cost make it less attractive for beginners than other programs mentioned earlier but still worth ranked. At the end it’s personal level of determination, that is making the main part of the drive. You can learn more about Empower Network here.



This Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 2016 review was created to cover the training programs that the beginner in this business will benefit the most from I did not intend to cover advanced courses, like the University of San Francisco Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training. Training programs like that usually cost thousands of dollars and make sense to those online marketers, who already make a substantial income online,




4 Comments on “What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

  1. winningstar

    My Experience is only with Wealthy Affiliates.
    I think it is a good program. As you mentioned, there is a strong community there, that is the ultimate advantage.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Kirill

      It’s my pleasure. I wish you to achieve everything you’re planning with WA!

  2. Hari S Nair

    I like this post, it is very good for clearing various doubts that a beginner in online business industry needs. When I thought of owning a website I really had no idea how people earn from blogs and that’s where affiliate training is necessary luckily I reached to wealthy affiliate..all the above mentioned programs are reliable but I consider WA as the best.
    Thank you for such an informative Kirill.

    1. Kirill Post author

      My pleasure to share it with my audience. I have spent unnecessary large amounts of time and money, trying to find the system that really works. I will be glad if this will help another person to find an opportunity that may change his/her lifestyle for good.

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