What is Wealthy Affiliate scam? – Read my review.

By   March 2, 2016

What is Wealthy Affiliate scam? – Read my review.

Find simple ways to avoid scams online.what is wealthy affiliate scam

Although millions of people legitimately make money online there are millions of scams people fall victims for. While for many people online business provides the way to real financial freedom and independence others loose their money and time in an attempt to find their way to pay out their debt, to quit their jobs and live the life where will be more space for their families and themselves.

I know how it feels losing my money for false promises and phony programs that are supposed to make you rich. I went through this a number of times before I’ve realized there are actually rather simple ways to avoid online scams. You can use them before you decide to give your hard earned money for what you believe could be your way to a successful online business. I will review this Wealthy Affiliate scam in a minute but first- let’s see what online scams are.

Scams were not invented with The Internet.

Scams exist as long as human race exists. Hidden treasures and secret maps were probably some of the first kinds of scam. The moment someone realized he can take advantage of people looking for “opportunity” to get rich quick the first scam was invented.

There is NO LEGITIMATE WAY to get rich fast, especially online. And if someone knows this way he will not share it with you and use it himself to the last dime!

Whenever someone going through rough times refuses to believe that the new “opportunity” will turn out to be the same as those he or she already went through the scammer is getting his chance to monetize on his pain again.

Don’t fall for “Secret schemes”

The problem of many people looking for ways to make money online is that they don’t know anything about building a profitable online business and believe that the secret way or magic click exist that will turn the Internet into the hen laying gold eggs for them.

Scammers are profiting from people’s pain, desperation, laziness, and greed. As soon as you reject these feeling to guide you, you will be able to start your way to your online success.

Anyone can learn how to build a profitable online business; it is not a rocket science. But it will take a fair amount of your time and effort; however you will get your prize.

Stop chasing “online opportunities”.Online scam

I know this feeling of urgency when you are looking for ways to fix your financial situation, to quit a job that takes most of your time and doesn’t deliver an adequate result. I have explained it in the About Me section. I have wasted a fair amount of my money and my time trying to find my way to the lifestyle of my choice until I’ve realized that I’m walking in the same wrong circles and all opportunities were designed not to bring me my money but to bring them to opportunity provider.

Become an Entrepreneur.

In contrast to “opportunity chaser”, an Entrepreneur has an understanding of what he wants to achieve and the need to make a plan how to get there. Entrepreneur understands that to make money he has to build a real business that will serve his customer’s need and this process will take time and knowledge that he will have to invest upfront.

The principals of online business are essentially the same as principals of traditional business- your customers are looking for a value and you have to deliver it to them. The advantage the Internet provides you are the ability to reach your customers anywhere in the world, the significantly lower cost compared to traditional business and the opportunity (without quotes) to run it from any place you can get the connection to the Internet.

Create value and build trust.

When turning to online business to help them to solve their problems people are motivated by the same rules they are following when dealing with traditional business.

People are looking for a value product that will improve their situation or will answer their questions.

People usually won’t buy from someone who they feel they can’t trust.

People have much more choices when doing business online then when they going to local shops.

Therefore, the most important thing you will have to learn is how to provide them with a value and how to earn their trust. The key word here is “to learn”.

Even successful scammers have done their work on their way to a successful scam. But no scams usually live long and scammers have to invent new ways to rip people off. The more reliable and respectful way to make money is to build a legitimate business that will provide you prosperity for years ahead.

Simple rules to avoid scams.

1.     Can you get a “test ride”?Too good

When you going to buy a new (or used) car you want to try how it runs. If it’s a used car you would even like to take it to your mechanic to avoid buying a lemon.

The same rule should apply to online products, especially to ones designed to make money. As we’ve already mentioned it will not work overnight and any legitimate system will take the time to work thus returning it in case if you don’t feel trust to it will not rip its value off. If you don’t feel that this product is for you should be able to return it. And if you presented a choice to pay now of forget about it the chances you are being scammed are very high.

2.     Do not rely on “money back” warranties.

Remember, it is not easy sometimes to get your money back when you are bringing your purchase back to the traditional store, on the Internet it’s even harder. Everyone will guaranty you that you will get your money back but think twice before you pay. If you will run into scammer his way to hide your money can be very sophisticated.

3.     Avoid upsells.

Many time scammers will catch your attention with fantastic low-cost offers “Try it for $1”, $9, $17. Their goal is to make you listen and to open your valet. Once you pay following the “Congratulation, you just started earning your millions!” greeting you will be presented with higher priced products and services “You have to have it for $39” or $99. It’s called “Upsell”.

In your moment of excitement, you can loose your cautions and through even more money in the pit. You better stay with the initial purchase and try to figure out from there was this deal a legitimate one.

4.     Avoid the “Last minute opportunity”.

This type of offer often presents you with “opportunity” to get one of the “limited numbers of positions available” or “ Only 4 hours left to sign up”.

If there is a real working method of earning money it will not expire in the matter of hours or days. And if you are to make commission by advertising product online why would promoter limit the number of advertisers if the amount of money he pays depends on the amount of product sold? This should immediately be a red flag for you.

Scammer knows that if you are given the time to think about his “opportunity” and do your research you will sort things out and walk away.

5.     Watch for “flashy” advertisements.

If the offer you are looking at is decorated by money bills, cars, and tropical views get alerted. They are designed to exploit people’s desire for fancy lifestyle. The brighter the wrap the more chances the product inside it is rotten.


This is rather simple, isn’t it? It’s about common sense and you don’t need the MBA for that. Now let’s take a look at Wealthy Affiliate scam.

What is Wealthy Affiliate scam?

What Wealthy Affiliate is offering is not a money making an opportunity. Although some people promoting it are using slogans like “Build your wealth with Wealthy Affiliate!” the company is not using such appeals in their own disclosures.

They are offering the educational and supporting program to learn how to build an online business; that’s why the full name of this company is Wealthy Affiliate University. They don’t mention that you will become rich or provide you with a hot-selling product. They providing you with a chance to promote them with their affiliate program but it is 100% optional. Let’s  check them by applying the same rules we’ve just been talking about.

1.     Can you try it?

Wealthy Affiliate is offering you lifetime long free membership. You’ve heard that right. Not a week-long trial, not a month. It’s free for life. It is limited compared to their Premium membership but it’s free. They are not asking you for your credit card at the sign-up, only your e-mail address.

2.     Can you get your money back?

No, you can’t. Because you have an unlimited time to try it and decide if it is something you need but if you decide to upgrade to Premium- you are doomed (just kidding, you can stop paying and go back to the free membership at any moment, but what you’ve paid is theirs). To be sincere they are far from being expensive, $47 per month compared to $69, $99 and higher other programs are charging.

3.     Upsells.

There are no additional charges, no upsells. The only offer you will receive is to upgrade to Premium and if you decide to do so in the first 7 days they will offer you your first month for $19.

4.     The last minute opportunity.

Like I’ve said- they offer you a free membership for life, you can think as long as you want.

5.     Do they show you money?

As it’s been mentioned above Wealthy Affiliate is not offering you to make you rich. Wealthy Affiliate University is offering you to provide you with information on how you can build a profitable online business and ongoing support throughout the time you remain their member. Their member community is 450000+ members (which make it a largest marketing community in the world) who are working along with WA support personnel sharing their experience and skills with every member.

There are no broken promises and no hype.


Given the above said you can come to the conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It’s like a school you chose to become a well paid professional. WA’s 450000 members have chosen their school.

If you are interested in learning what Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with more details please read my Wealthy Affiliate Introduction.

Please let me know what you think about these Easy Rules To Avoid Scams by leaving a comment below.

I hope you find it helpful

Thank you. Kirill.

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