Wealthy Affiliate Introduction.

What will you gain with Wealthy Affiliate?Wealthy Affiliate Review


Welcome to an introduction of my Smart Income Source! Let me show what you will get by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University is designed for?

Those who are at the beginning of their Internet Marketing business will benefit from wealthy Affiliate the most. However, there are plenty seasoned Online Marketers among WA members who are constantly learning from 400000+ members community and sharing their knowledge with others generously.

People who will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate membership are:

  • People who are looking for additional incomeWealthy Affiliate University
  • People who want to build their own website
  • People who want to sell their products online
  • Internet Marketers
  • Bloggers who want to improve their blogging skills

This list can be continued but it is already showing the significance of WA.

FREE membership for LIFE!

That is absolutely true- Wealthy Affiliate is offering you free membership for life. It will not expire and you will not be asked for your credit card information. Although you will be offered to upgrade to Premium membership no one will pressure you to do so. I will explain benefits of going premium and ways to do that later but again- it is absolutely up to you do decide.

When I have decided to start my Internet Marketing career I have spent quite a bit of money on various programs and e-books that were promising to teach me how to make money. I even confess- I fell for a couple Get-Rich-Fast programs although I have heard many times that it can’t be anything but scam many times. My results from trying to implement those programs were far from I have anticipated. At some point, I have begun to believe that Digital Marketing is not for me and I should leave to smart people and stop wasting my money and my time. Right before I was ready to give up I have ran onto Wealthy Affiliate and I have told myself that this will be the last program I will try. Fortunately, it became the one.

2 FREE WordPress websites.

WPEvery free Wealthy Affiliate member gets 2 free WordPress websites and detailed training how to set up this sites and optimize them for maximum traffic. You will be given dozens of free WordPress themes for your websites and you will be able to upload your personal themes if you have them. And, by the way, the hosting is also FREE. Website hosting alone
can cost you $10-$20+ a month for basic hosting with other hosting company. Best of all- these websites are pre-loaded with useful plugins.

Affiliate program and affiliate blog.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you their FREE Affiliate program. No, you don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You can select your own niche and make money the way you want to. WA will teach you how to find the proper product that will complement your site. WA affiliate program is just the way you can try it if you didn’t select your niche yet and want to polish your skills. On the other hand, it is another way to make a few bucks and it can be really nice one. But at the end- it is completely up to you.

Beginner training course.

A great 10 lessons course designed to introduce you to the proper way of creating your online business, by Lesson 4 you will have your own niche site up and running, it may sound like being too little but even for someone with computer background it is a great way to summarize their knowledge and line it up to get the most out of it!

 Affiliate Bootcamp training.

Affiliate Boot camp.The Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp training will show you how to monetize your online presence you have already established with your Free website and Beginners training course and get an authority with your site. Many online marketers are failing to achieve results because they are missing important elements in their marketing strategy.Affiliate Bootcamp will allow you to design and implement your unique marketing strategy to fit any campaign.


Access to 3 classrooms.

There is a wealth of knowledge in WA classrooms and over 500 training modules. As Internet rules and guidelines are evolving constantly and rapidly you will receive the latest information from people actively involved with Internet Marketing and not the outdated 2-tear old “Best Internet Practices”. The most relevant information on website development, list building, SEO, PPC, technical training and so on. You will be automatically enrolled in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course that will guide you through the creation of your successful online business that will bring you sustainable revenue.

Personal coaching and support.

WA customer support is outstanding and very responsive. WA co-founders Kyle and Carson are actively participating along with other members and helping you to find answers to any questions that you may have. This is the most active community members of which really care about each other and ANY question you will ask (Ok, the relevant one) will find the most relevant answer.

There are only relevant conversations on WA network without the negative or judgmental attitude that you may find sometimes on public forums. You will meet the like-minded people who are ready to offer their support and share their experience and ideas. From my personal experience, the support I have found on WA network is priceless and it really helped me boost my evolution as an Online Marketer.



Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with free marketing tools as well as recommendations for best up-to-date paid tools and services which is crucial in the constantly evolving Internet environment. You will get an access to the WordPress Website Builder, powered by Site Rubix, one of the most reputable services (sites hosted by Site Rubix are tending to get higher ranking compared to other hosting companies), Key Word Analyzer tool allows you to choose most relevant high-traffic keywords that will give your site the maxim exposure on Internet, Key Word Lists powered by Jaxxy and many more.


Premium membership vs. Free membership.


Premium WA membership costs $49 a month or $359 annually (which is $21.91 per month). That is the only money Wealthy Affiliate will charge you if you decide to upgrade. There will be no additional “modules”, no “special courses”, no “partners programs”. Straight as it is, $49 is not the amount to break anyone’s budget, especially considering that you are getting the whole Internet Marketing expertise for that. And if you decide to upgrade within your first 7 days of membership you will get your first month for $19.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.


And by the way- signing up for yearly membership brings the monthly payment to less than $30!

Here is the short list of premium WA membership benefits:


Unlimited free websites.

With the premium membership, you will get unlimited free websites vs 2 free websites as a Starter member. Yes, you can build an unlimited number of your websites on WordPress platform hosted by Site Rubix and it is not going to cost you an extra dollar.

Although this is a very generous offer getting your private domain is beneficial in many ways. If you decided to get serious about Internet Marketing spending about $10 one time will not look like a waste of money. Sometimes you can even get it for $1.99 but it may incur unwanted limitations. I recommend NameCheap.com for their reliable service, well-packed basic package, and absence of upsells and Wealthy Affiliate domain naming, which may seem a little bit more expensive (just $3 per year more, than NameCheap), but they include privacy security in their price. It is rather convenient to have all features managed from the same place, at least for the beginning.



Free private domain hosting.

With Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership you will get not only your free websites hosted at no cost but even your private websites, when you feel ready to build them, will be hosted  FREE.

Reliable hosting is vital for successful online business and the basic hosting cost will start at $10-$29 a month per site (and if you have several sites your cost rises accordingly), not counting upsells you may run into.


Unlimited access to all the training.

As a Premium member, you are getting full access to all the training vs the Beginners course and Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp you were getting as a free member. That’s hundreds and hundreds of hours of video training classes and written materials being updated regularly by marketing experts. There is a new video training every week and replays are available for those who missed live training.


Unlimited accesses to a community of experts.

Wealthy Affiliate discussion forums and chats are on 24/7 meaning that at any time you need help or support you can ask your fellow members and there always will be someone who will come up with a solution for your problem. You can also track ongoing discussions within the community and learn important things for yourself from other people experience.


Access to all classrooms.

WA Premium members are getting instant access to all 13 classrooms that are covering all important aspects of Internet Marketing, such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, content creation, website design. e-mail marketing, keyword research and hundreds more. Each classroom contains over a hundred of training modules and access to the discussion board where you can ask your questions. There are also links to training courses on related subjects.

The best part of these classrooms is the ability to ask your questions in real time mode whenever you are beginning to feel stuck so your training can continue without interruption.


Unlimited access to Keyword research tool.

Keyword research is one of the most important elements of successful Online Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate provides unlimited access to its free keyword research tool based on famous Jaxxy platform vs 30 searches free members are entitled to. it empowers you with the ability to select only most relevant keywords providing your site the maximum exposure on Internet.


Double WA commission compared to free members.

If you decided to become WA affiliate and promote WA itself you will be paid affiliate commissions. Your affiliate revenue will be paid you for inviting people to join WA University and its community. It is not a hard task to promote WA even in the highly competitive environment because WA benefits are becoming obvious for people who are given an opportunity to try Starter membership. WA Premium members are entitled a double commission rate compared to free members

WA Commision Struckture


Obviously, there are substantial benefits of becoming the Premium WA member, but you should not take my word on this. If you find yourself being serious to start making your Smart income, start your Free WA  membership now and begin building your new business with more help, than you could have ever imagined.

Please note: if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate University I will offer you my personal coaching and support on your way to your financial freedom and prosperity. I will be glad to share my WA experience with you watch how success is becoming bigger and bigger part of your life.


Start you Free Wealthy Affiliate membership today!

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  1. Marian

    Hi Kirill,
    Very interesting and comprehensive website. It is clearly explaining all the benefits of joining WA. We are lucky we came across this community which helped us to start our online businesses. WA is the right place where to start.

    1. Kirill Post author

      That is true. WA does a great job by guiding you from the very beginning to your online business success.

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